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Texas Executive Education FAQs

Get answers to any questions you have about Texas Executive Education.

What is executive education?

Executive education (Exec. Ed for short) is a term used for non-degree graduate-level classes designed to teach professionals cutting-edge concepts and education they will need to be successful in their careers. Executive education classes are taught by university faculty and provide participants with invaluable educational and networking opportunities. Texas Executive Education also offers customized programs for organizations as a part of an overall learning and development strategy.

What sets Texas Executive Education apart from other professional development programs?

The University of Texas at Austin’s world-renowned McCombs School of Business faculty set Texas Executive Education apart from other schools. Not only do enrollees learn directly from industry leaders (many of whom have developed the essential concepts they are teaching), but Texas Executive Education offers an intimate class setting where access to professors is never an issue.

How is this program different from an executive MBA?

Texas Executive Education offers 2-5 day graduate level courses for working professionals. Classes are offered individually without the need to apply for or commit to a multi-year degree program. You can take one or all of our classes based on your own professional goals, budget and available time. Texas Executive Education offers leadership certificates for participants that complete a certain number of our courses.

Executive MBA programs offered by the McCombs School of Business are also for working professionals and require an application and commitment to a 20 month program that leads to a master’s degree.

Who typically attends Texas Executive Education classes?

Most of our participants are working professionals. They come from a wide range of educational and industry backgrounds, with titles that range from manager to executive. What they all share is a deep level of interest and engagement in the program. Our participants choose to step away from the office and commit their time and energy to learning a specific set of skills from our top-notch faculty and from their fellow participants.

What teaching methods are used in Texas Executive Education Classes?

Texas Executive Education classes are designed to be engaging and offer practical skills that can be used immediately. Our instructors are drawn from the best that McCombs and UT have to offer and they use a mix of lectures, cases, and real-world simulations to draw participants into discussions and debates that can challenge assumptions and broaden perspectives.

How can taking a Texas Executive Education class make a difference in your career?

Our participants cite two main reasons that our classes help them in their careers. First, we offer individual classes across a range of leadership and management disciplines. You can choose the class or classes that meet your specific learning goals, so the time and money you invest is more directly applicable to your career.  Second, our courses are designed to teach skills that are immediately usable. What you learn here on Thursday and Friday, you can use at work on Monday.


How much experience and/or education do participants need before attending a course?

There are no prerequisites or minimum experience levels required to take a course at Texas Executive Education. Most material is presented at a graduate level, so an undergraduate degree is helpful but not mandatory. Our programs can be tailored to address any experience level – from new employees all the way up to senior C-level executives.

How many participants are in each class?

Every program is different, but we have found that class sizes between 15 and 30 individuals give us the optimal combination of a dynamic, interactive, participatory learning environment, coupled with one-on-one personal attention from the faculty.

How many team members from my organization should attend the same program session?

As many as you think would benefit from the concepts, collaboration, and case studies each of our classes offer. Many companies find that sending several employees creates a bigger impact for the company. We can also schedule a private course for your group only or develop a custom program tailored to your organization.

Do I have to come to Austin for the programs?

We offer programs in a variety of formats and locations. Many of our open enrollment classes are offered both in person and in a live, online format. We also offer several self-paced programs that are on demand. Our custom programs can be conducted at your location – almost anywhere in the world.

What are the alumni benefits?

Texas Executive Education classes are an invaluable networking opportunity. Our alumni often end up partnering with other classmates in the future, and even connections made on professional networking sites like LinkedIn serve our enrollees and the greater Texas Executive Education community for years to come.

I am getting ready to attend a class – what should I wear?

Business casual attire is suggested for programs offered on the UT campus. We suggest you bring a light jacket or sweater.

How much do your programs cost?

Current prices for Open Enrollment classes are listed beside each class. Custom Program prices are, by definition, custom. We would be happy to provide you with a quote based upon your needs. We also offer discounts to teams, University of Texas alumni, government entities, and our Corporate Partners.

What topics are available?

Open Enrollment classes are listed here. For Custom Programs, anything is possible. With over 3,500 faculty available at UT Austin (and even more available to us outside the University), we’ve yet to have a request we could not fill.

Will I receive credit for attending a class or completing a certificate?

Classes offered by Texas Executive Education can provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs), Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits, and university credits (through UT Austin University Extension). Give us a call for additional details and information.

Who will be teaching my program?

Texas Executive Education uses only the very best professors – those who have experience teaching at the graduate level, and those who have experience working with companies and business professionals. Our faculty offer tremendous real-world business knowledge grounded in research-based academic discipline. The professor(s) for your class will be listed when you register.

How long does it take you to develop a Custom Program?

It depends on the complexity and the scope of the program, but in general we can develop a Custom Program in four to eight weeks. If you need something faster, give us a call – we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your timing.

Should I send my team to open enrollment classes, or should I opt for a Custom Program instead?

If you are coming as an individual or with a team that has less than 10 people, then open enrollment is most likely the best solution for you. If your team is larger, a Custom Program may be a more cost-effective solution. Since Open Enrollment classes typically have attendees from a variety of industries, companies, and functional areas, there is the added benefit of learning from others outside your company. If you need to work on issues of a confidential nature, we recommend a Custom Program. We also offer Corporate Partnerships for you to purchase a large volume of Open Enrollment seats at a discounted rate.

If I come to Austin for a program, where do I stay?

Texas Executive Education is located within the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center, which is an all-inclusive facility. Hotels, classrooms, restaurants, and fitness facilities are all available in the space. There are also a variety of hotels within walking distance.

Do you offer an online executive education certificate or program?

We offer classes in a variety of formats - in person, live online, and on-demand. See our full course schedule for more information. Not all of our courses are offered in each format.

Do you offer any evaluations, metrics, or assessments?

Yes. Every module of instruction and every professor is evaluated by the participants in each program. If you need pre- and post-program metrics to measure the efficacy of the program, we offer those services as well. We also include a wide variety of personal assessment services such as MBTI and Emotional Intelligence.

What if I don’t know what I need?

Whether you are an individual trying to decide which class or certificate is right for you, or you're a company trying to lay out a comprehensive professional development program for your employees, we'll collaborate with you to find the right solution. We can develop competency models, perform gap analyses, structure curricula, and work with you in conjunction with our faculty to build a solution tailored to your specific needs.

What are the fees for cancellation?

There is no charge to cancel more than three weeks before a class. From three weeks to one day before a class, attendee will forfeit 50% of the tuition (plus any increase in the price of the program). Less than one day before the program, the attendee will not receive a refund for the class. Cancellations must be received in writing by email. Substitutions may happen at any time without incurring additional fees. Please note that hotel cancellation is separate from class cancellation and needs to be addressed with the AT&T Conference Center.

Can I transfer courses?

Yes. Transfers and/or substitutions must be received in writing by email. More than three weeks before the class, there is no charge to transfer to another class. From three weeks to one day before a class, there is a $500 admin fee for transferring week-long classes and a $200 admin fee for transferring two- and three-day classes. All admin fees are due at the time of request. Less than one day before the program, transfer requests will be on a case-by-case basis. Transferees will have one year from the date of their original transfer request to attend an alternate class. After a one year period, tuition fees will be forfeited. Please note that hotel cancellation is separate from class cancellation and needs to be addressed with the AT&T Conference Center.

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