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Marketing Fellows

The program is student led and managed, with support from CCIMS and Marketing faculty.


    The Marketing Fellows program gives selected McCombs MBA students committed to pursuing leadership in marketing the opportunity to develop their marketing acumen and management skills through a combination of focused curriculum and consulting projects. The program elevates the caliber of marketing students produced at McCombs, and the reputation of the Marketing Department overall.


  • Develop increased recruiting interest in UT marketing students, from both existing and new companies
  • Diversify the types of organizations that recruit marketers from UT
  • Demonstrate dedication to developing elite marketing talent, helping prospective student recruiting efforts
  • Leverage the program’s accomplishments to elevate the overall industry and academic strength of McCombs



  • Exercise new marketing knowledge immediately through sponsored projects
  • Diversify their experience and leadership skills to ensure future success in their chosen career path
  • Develop advanced hard and soft skills that are transferable to any future marketing occupation
  • Work with other committed marketing students in a collaborative environment, enabling more advanced final deliverables
  • Provide students with more diverse internship and full-time employment options through the relationships that are developed through Marketing Fellows, benefiting the entire marketing student body

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Fellows who are selected to participate register for the weekly, two- to three-hour “Marketing Fellows” course during their 2nd and 3rd semesters of their MBA program

There are two core elements to the program: 1) Curriculum and 2) Practicums.  In addition, there are multiple opportunities to further develop leadership skills and marketing acumen.


Leadership training (~40%)

  • Effective communication and presentation skills on how to gain support and mutual prioritization
  • Effective career management determining desired/right career path and how to achieve one’s goals
  • Effective management skills developing and supporting others to succeed

Strategic Thinking (~40%)

  • Strategic, big idea thinking on how to identify the next big thing, how to manage through options, and how to determine the optimal way to achieve success in the market place
  • Innovations in marketing on how to identify new opportunities within the market place based on consumer insights

Tactical Execution (~20%)

  • Effective agency management - getting the most from one’s agency
  • Launching and assessing marketing program performance


Fellows participate in marketing projects for sponsoring companies in conjunction with their classroom experience. Special projects will give fellows the opportunity to apply their learning in real time for sponsoring companies.

  • Fellows are required to participate in at least one major project
  • Marketing Fellows are surveyed so projects that fit their personal interests can be identified
  • These projects are strategic in nature and not limited to research oriented projects
  • Smaller and local companies are invited to participate so students can get involved in broader projects and possibly attend meetings, allowing for face‐to‐face interaction
  • Projects can turn into summer internships or ongoing “consulting” projects


Fellows will have opportunities throughout the school year to develop leadership skills and strengthen their marketing acumen outside of the curriculum and practicums.  Here are a few of those opportunities:

  • CCIMS MBA Brands Program
  • Marketing Conference
  • Marketing Brand Camp
  • Attendance at various marketing conferences 
  • Marketing Fellows officer positions