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Read about the experiences of students in the Health Informatics and Health IT program

Jade, HIHIT Fall 2021

IS Clinical Application Specialist, Baylor Scott & White Health


"I didn’t know what to expect when I decided to apply for the HIHIT program but I’m so glad I took that chance. Everyone in the faculty was just amazing and genuinely willing to make sure that I understood the topic and materials. Dr. Nauert and Bob were awesome professors and gave great insight in the realm of healthcare and technology. Erin and Amanda are absolutely amazing and were always available to provide help. I was excited for morning brew every day before class. The professional development portion really gave me the knowledge and experience to ace my interviews. I believe that without the advice from Erin and Amanda, I would have never landed the role I’m currently in. The chance to be part of the HIHIT program allowed me to find lifelong friends and the amazing opportunity to be part of the HIHIT Alumni network. Even though this program is only 9 weeks, the 9 weeks I spent online with my classmates and the faculty really shaped my future trajectory and allowed me to grow as a young professional!

Tyler, HIHIT Fall 2021

IS Application Specialist, Baylor Scott & White Health


“I found my way to this program right after graduating undergrad with a Biology degree. When I started college, I initially wanted to study medicine as a physician, but at the end of my junior year, I made a decision that practicing medicine was not the right path for me. I coincidentally took a genomic data visualization class that completely shifted my interests towards the data/IT side of healthcare and science. After graduating Baylor, one of my advisors recommended the UT HIHIT program, which I was previously unaware of. After doing some research on the program, I was shocked when reading how applicable and relevant the program was to my career interests. I signed up for the Fall 2021 semester without hesitation.


The career transformation that happened for me during this program is due to the amazing staff that actively works with each student the entire semester. Going through the fall semester is one of my most valued experiences because I was able to learn under some great people involved with the program. While there is a lot of work that’s required, it never feels over cumbersome due to the support that the staff give you the entire time. The staff are readily available to meet at hours on end. Their willingness and availability to help was a major factor in my success during my time there. The material they teach is also incredibly relevant and insightful for the health IT and informatics field. The knowledge you get from this program will constantly be referenced and even required in the jobs that you apply for. 


Another major benefit I got from this program was the ability to meet some amazing people. From the staff, to my classmates, to the alumni network that we had access to from week 1. These people were the reason that the hours that I spent on the program that fall never felt overwhelming. In the HIHIT program - everyone is in it together, which creates a great environment for the students. 


I am now working with Baylor Scott & White Health as an application specialist (a role I found through the program). I could not have seen myself in this role when I first started the program, but receiving help and guidance from all of the staff gave me the confidence I needed to align with my current position. I am incredibly indebted to this program for giving me everything that it has. I could not recommend this program enough to anyone out there even remotely interested in the field of health IT. This program is truly one of a kind, and doing things that very important people are noticing! I had a conversation with a Sr VP at Baylor Scott & White, and he mentioned how impressed he is with the students that come out of HIHIT and all of the knowledge they have. If you are looking for a career in Health Informatics and Health IT, this program is undoubtedly the right move.” 

Zarah, HIHIT Summer 2021

Program AnalystOZ Systems


"When I began college at the University of Texas at Austin as a premed student, I was very certain after graduation I was going to attend medical school. However, after a couple years into my degree, I realized the med school track was not for me. This left me slowly approaching graduation, certain that I wanted to work within healthcare, but entirely uncertain in what capacity. I knew enjoyed data analytics and healthcare and wanted a career that could merge my two interests but had no idea where to begin. That's when I remembered a flyer I had received from a career fair a year prior about the HIHIT program. A certificate in Health Informatics and Information Technology seemed like the perfect answer to my dilemma and I decided to take a leap of faith and apply for the Summer 2021 cohort. 


Joining the HIHIT program was the best decision I have made in my college career to date and the experience has given me the knowledge and resources I needed to truly step into the health informatics field. From the excellent professors and classes to the incomparable professional development resources from Erin and Amanda, I was able to truly thrive in a field that I did not even know existed prior. Through the program I gained valuable knowledge regarding project management and the business side of healthcare as well as technical skills in Excel, SQL and Tableau. Further, I began the program very unsure of my interview skills and with Erin and Amanda's help I was able to really break out of my shell and gain the confidence I needed to nail the job application interview process. Finally, the program really allowed me to bond with the peers in my cohort and gave me the opportunity to gain a community of like-minded individuals that now truly feel like a family.


Through the HIHIT program I have both grown in terms of my education as well as a person and I can fully see myself using the skills I have gained through the experience in my future professional endeavors. Not to mention, I was offered a job straight out of the program, so I really cannot recommend the HIHIT certificate enough! Overall, the program was truly an amazing experience and has allowed me to jumpstart my career in a field that I genuinely love and I am excited to see how HIHIT impacts others for years to come!"

Alex, HIHIT Summer 2021

Customer Success Associate, Luminare Inc.


"Choosing to attend the HIHIT program was one of the best decisions I have made and has played an immense part in my ability to obtain a professional role in this field. The professors and faculty did an excellent job informing and educating me on the various topics of the Health IT space, which I truly believe gave me an edge when entering into the workforce. The professional development team was also exceptionally helpful in preparing me for interviews and supporting me throughout the application process. Before entering the program, I had very minimal experience in the Health IT field but was able to acquire a full-time position and excel in it thanks to the guidance from the HIHIT program. I would strongly recommend the HIHIT program to anyone that is eager to have a career in this field and succeed in it!"


Veronica, HIHIT Summer 2021

Clinical Solutions Architect, Babylon


“As a registered nurse, I never considered myself "techy." While I was an Emergency Department nurse in the pandemic, I began to appreciate the symbiotic relationship between healthcare and technology. As I transitioned into a Family Nurse Practitioner student, I started to peer beyond the brink of the EHR. I found myself wondering who was on the other side of my charting. I questioned whether this invisible entity could help bridge the gap between the patients I saw and my desire to give the best care possible.


 I followed my feet into the HIHIT program, genuinely unsure of what I would learn. Ultimately, I hoped to acquire the skills necessary to work on healing the healthcare system. During HIHIT, I learned many technical skills. Yet, more importantly, I began to grasp the depth of the problems that surround healthcare. HIHIT did not shy away from discussing the daunting issues that plague the system. Instead, the program welcomed innovative and collaborative dialogue that fostered potential solutions. These discussions renewed my love for medicine, and I found hope.


I graduated HIHIT invigorated, equipped with the knowledge it takes to make a difference. Now, I wake up each day feeling like I have the power to impact current clinical practice. My only fundamental limitation is my imagination. While I will always love helping people individually, it is exceptional to be able to devote my work to the design of a better healthcare system. HIHIT did much more than give me nine weeks of education. It empowered me to steer the future of healthcare.” 


Brycen, HIHIT Spring 2021 

Ambulatory Consultant I, Cerner


When I graduated from UT Austin in May of 2020, I was extremely nervous about my future. It was the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I had hopes of going into hospital administration. Unfortunately, most hospitals and health care delivery centers put a hiring freeze on administrative personnel, as they had much more pressing matters to deal with. Knowing that it was probably going to be a while before anyone started hiring again, I decided the best use of my time would be to grow my skills and to learn more about the industry. For months, I searched for programs that would “scratch this itch,” and finally came across HIHIT, placing me right back home at my alma mater. 


This program gave me all the tools I needed to succeed, and allowed me to land a consulting position at Cerner not long after instruction ended. Keep in mind, I had zero previous experience with consulting, working in healthcare, or health IT in general. But because of HIHIT, I was able to speak with my interviewers knowledgeably about project management, revenue cycle management, SQL databases, and operational models of healthcare systems. The interviewers were genuinely impressed with everything I had learned and verbally mentioned “I wish I had a program like that when I was starting my career.” This program has truly given me a leg up in the industry, and I feel confident that I will be able to succeed anywhere across the health IT spectrum.


My overall favorite aspect of HIHIT, though, were the people that I met! I felt completely supported by the staff, and I knew that I could go to them for anything if I needed help. They truly want to see each-and-every student succeed and have a fulfilling career. My classmates were also a major part of my success, and I’m confident in saying that I have made some lifelong friendships through this program. 


In summary, enrolling in this program will give you valuable knowledge about the industry, hands on experience with SQL/various EHR softwares, and a large support network of staff and alumni who want to help you succeed. I cannot recommend HIHIT enough!


Brian, HIHIT Fall 2020

Customer Success AnalystAmbra Health


"HIHIT is absolutely one of the best certificate programs I've been a part of. The staff is knowledgeable, the students are hungry for knowledge, and the program's structure cultivates and prioritizes professional development. The technical skills I've learned in the program (Excel, SQL, EHRs) have helped me tremendously in my job hunt and my current position. However, the most valuable thing about doing the HIHIT Program is building lifelong relationships with a vast and supportive network of professionals. It changed my life for the better and I cannot be more grateful to have done the program."

Victoria, HIHIT Fall 2020 

Project Manager/Clinical Transformation Specialist, Ascension


I have worked in healthcare as an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years. Prior to entering the Health Informatics and Health Information Technology program at the UT McCombs School of Business, I had considered transitioning away from direct patient care but was not sure how to go about it. In August of 2020, I was informed that the company I worked for was being sold and the clinic where I worked would close. I found myself at a crossroads. That is when I came across the HIHIT program. 


I have always had an interest in technology and using technology has been a part of my job for most of my healthcare career. When I came across the HIHIT program, I thought it was a great marriage of my interest in technology and my interest in healthcare. I saw the HIHIT program as a great opportunity to use technology to continue to try and make a difference in people’s lives.


Getting my HIHIT certification was one of the best decisions of my life. I believe it was instrumental in helping me achieve my goal of transitioning away from direct patient care to start a career in health information technology as an Academy Consultant. Professor Ligon and Dr. Nauert were great and always willing to answer questions. Amanda and Erin made it clear they were there to help us succeed. I don’t think I would be in my current position without all their help and encouragement!

Samyukta, HIHIT Fall 2020 

Incoming MHA Candidate, Cornell University


“After finishing up my undergraduate degree in Biology at UT Austin, I was looking for ways to expand my knowledge beyond the clinical aspect of medicine. I was keen about getting a foundational understanding of the intersection between technology, business and medicine, because the healthcare industry has so many confusing and complex moving parts. That’s when HIHIT came into my life like a breath of fresh air!


This program did an amazing job of consolidating all the information I needed and gave me greater clarity on the role I wanted to play in the industry. The professors were super knowledgeable and experienced and the curriculum was specially designed to accurately reflect the state of this dynamic healthcare field. HIHIT opened many doors for me and equipped me with comprehensive resources, tools and connections to kickstart my career. Thanks to HIHIT I secured a job, where I work closely with both healthcare technology and medical professionals - exactly the kind of experience I was looking for at the time. Work keeps me challenged and fulfilled. Super grateful to Erin and Amanda for all their help in this process!”

Ann, HIHIT Fall 2020

Consultant, Cerner


When I first started college, my end goal was physical therapy school. However, throughout my collegiate career, I had the opportunity to learn about various career paths that I previously knew nothing about. Because of this exposure, especially within the broadcasting industry, my aspirations shifted. I developed my passion for broadcasting after joining and working in student radio, which eventually led me to working at a local radio station where I was able to cultivate my creative side. 


However, broadcasting, like many other industries, was severely affected because of the pandemic. Now that the job outlook in the entertainment industry was bleak, I had to reconsider my options. It was a scary time to enter the job market, but because of my pre-physical therapy track, I had a strong healthcare background that I could leverage in my job search. I never imagined that I would become a consultant for a health technology company, but I was able to find the perfect place that integrates my pre-physical therapy background and the knowledge I learned from the HIHIT program. I am honored to be a part of the driving force that will work towards the advancement of technology in the healthcare field.


The HIHIT program checked off all the boxes on the list of what I was seeking in an academic program. I was able to curate a well-balanced skill set through learning in program areas including healthcare, technology, project management, and professional development. Not only was I able to become versed in health informatics and health IT, but I was able to further grow as a professional. The faculty and staff genuinely care about helping their students succeed by going above and beyond to provide resources and mentorship for students to achieve their goals. I’m incredibly that I had the opportunity to participate in a program where I was able to learn, network, and form lasting friendships.


Mareis, HIHIT Summer 2020

Technical Support Engineer, Lyniate


Like most people, I entered the new year with several goals that I wanted to achieve both personally and professionally. By March, things were not looking the way I had envisioned. I lost my well-paid internship due to COVID-19 lay-offs, and I had no backup plan. Almost immediately after this unfortunate event, I learned about the UT HIHIT program. Although I trusted the quality of education that came from my alma mater, I was still a bit skeptical that in just 9 weeks I could attain the skills needed to land a job in a new career field. I was desperate, so I applied with an open mind.


After just the first day, I knew that I had made a great decision. Not only were the professors and coordinators knowledgeable and encouraging, but they held us to such high standards that failure was simply not an option. I was pleasantly surprised by the intensity and rigor of the classes and accompanying assignments. I was constantly challenged, but always had access to help whether it be from my peers, professors, or new found professional network. By the end of the program, I had made lasting relationships with my mentor, classmates, guest speakers, and program coordinators. Most importantly, I was well equipped to interview with an amazing company that offered me a job less than two weeks after graduation. The Health Informatics program allowed me to reach the goals I thought would be impossible to achieve given the setbacks I encountered. I am so grateful that I have been able to dive head first into a career field that is experiencing continuous growth despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Thomas, MD, HIHIT Summer 2020

Chief Medical Officer Emeritus, Director of Clinical Innovation, Research & DevelopmentMedcor, Inc.


Raw data is the stuff of stories waiting to be told.  In the University of Texas McCombs Health Informatics and Information Technology (HIHIT) program you will learn to tell those stories.


Data are just data.  Data are without meaning until transformed into actionable information. 


Telling data’s story is not easy.  Data must first be collected, for example from an electronic health record or from any of the innumerable available databases.  In some cases, you must build those databases.  The data must be cleansed, structured and organized into usable forms. The data must then be skillfully interpreted using analytics tools such as Excel and SQL.  And finally, presented in a revealing, captivating way through a presentation tool like Tableau.  Developing the stories within data is not simple, nor is it easy.  Formulating information, knowledge and perhaps even wisdom from data is often a complex project that requires project management thinking and skills.


Only when you have learned all of these skills — skills you will master in the HIHIT program — are you able to tell the stories within data applicable to healthcare policy, technology and medical practice.

Aainara, HIHIT Summer 2020

Analyst, nThrive


"I participated in the HIHIT program right after graduating from undergrad and it was one of the best choices I could have made for my career! The HIHIT program was a step in the right direction for me because it essentially acted as a crash course on the health IT industry, a field that I knew I wanted to pursue further but wanted more exposure in. During my time in the program, I attained foundational knowledge on our healthcare system in combination with technical skills that are invaluable in one’s professional development. Everything I learned and worked on during the program, I was able to leverage during the job-seeking process post-grad and use to connect with peers and other industry professionals. 


The education and skills I gained were fantastic, but my amazing HIHIT experience was truly solidified due to the people I got to work with. The professors were incredibly knowledgeable. Whether it was during class or office hours, our questions were always answered and then some. I really appreciated all the insight from not only the professors, but also from Erin and Amanda. They were very helpful when it came to career development. And lastly, my cohort was filled with such disciplined and supportive individuals! It was easy to feel motivated everyday, and move in the right direction whether it came to understanding the daily curriculum or thinking about career development. HIHIT was an outstanding opportunity, and I’m very glad I was able to take part in it!"

Jewel, HIHIT Summer 2020

Integration Project Manager, eClinicalWorks


When you have a passion for a certain field but don’t know where you fit in career-wise, it can be a very stressful and uneasy feeling to battle. This was my exact situation as I was finishing up a bachelor’s in Health Sciences and Psychology. I loved what I was learning but did not know where I could apply these specific strengths. I wanted to find a career where I could use my people and organizational skills while making an impact on the world of healthcare. I had heard great things about this program from friends but was worried about it being switched to an online format during the pandemic because I was concerned that I would not be able to receive all of the benefits that others had gained such as connections and internship opportunities. But I decided to take the leap so that I could strengthen my skill set and see if the health technology field was right for me.  


And I am so glad I did! This program gave me experience in SQL and various EHR software and it taught me more about core concepts of the Health IT field, all of which I truly feel has helped prepare me for my current role at eClinicalWorks as a Software Training Specialist. Not only did this program provide valuable skills, but it also helped me gain a great community! Since completing this program, I have met several people from the HIHIT program in just my company alone! In 9 weeks, the professors and staff made sure to provide advantageous HIHIT knowledge, EHR software experience, and help us make several connections with industry leaders. This program also showed me how many non-clinical jobs there are in the Health field where I felt my strengths could be useful. And that’s what I love most about this field, whether you enjoy talking to people or working behind the scenes, there is a role for you! As someone who did not have much interview experience, I can honestly say that by the end of this program I felt well prepared. Erin and Amanda made sure to help with interview skills and resume prep so that every student felt confident about the interview process. 


Although the courses and online format may sound daunting, the professors and staff make the entire process seamless! They make sure to pay attention to every single student and definitely want you to succeed! As several others have mentioned, my absolute favorite part of this program was all of the people I have met and continue to meet! If you are passionate about the healthcare field but are unsure where you might fit in, I cannot recommend UT’s HIHIT program enough! This program gave me all of the tools I needed to land my first role at a company I love so much and I can’t thank this program enough!

McKenna, HIHIT Summer 2020

Project Manager, ESO


I am honored to be an Alumna of the Summer 2020 Cohort, and especially grateful for the time and dedication the staff, professors, and fellow students put in to make our learning experience the very best it could be!

During the nine weeks, I was allowed to further my knowledge and skillsets with Data Analytics, Healthcare Policy, Project Management, Process Redesign, Quality Improvement, Revenue Cycle Management, and Health IT. Hands-on learning experiences such as Data Visualization Projects and Practicum assignments allowed me to gain first-hand insight into the HIHIT industry.

When the program ended, I had bittersweet feelings. This program accelerated my professional growth and gave me the opportunity to connect with so many fellow classmates and industry leaders. I am thrilled for my fellow classmates’ next steps and know we will remain connected!


Mimi, HIHIT Summer 2020

Credentialing Manager, Host Healthcare, Inc.


During the Summer of 2020, I began my course work to be certified in Health Informatics and Information Technology at The University of Texas at Austin - Red McCombs School of Business. I finished up the program by presenting my final Data Analytics Visualization Project. It was a bittersweet feeling!


Throughout the nine weeks I learned about Data Analysis, Technology Competencies in Health IT, Healthcare Systems and Health Informatics. I got to further my education on the Business side of Healthcare by learning about Project Management, Process Redesign, and Quality Improvement. A big thank you to my incredible professors Rick and Bob.

I was able to bond with a cohort of such amazing and talented people. I was inspired to work alongside such highly motivated individuals. I now have many new peers that I can consult about my career planning and I am so thankful. It was the first time the HIHIT program was all online and we were able to make the most out of it. Shout out to Erin and  Amanda for making the online program run so smoothly and being our number one supporters.


I have grown so much from this program and I absolutely loved hearing from so many industry professionals that presented to the HIHIT program. I cannot wait to use all the skills and information I learned throughout my future endeavors.  Hook’em!

Avni, HIHIT Summer 2020

IT Integration Analyst, Caravan Health


When I first decided that medical school wasn’t for me, I was panicked. I was a second-semester college senior and I’d spent most of college and high school preparing for a medical career. At that point, I had no idea what career paths were available to me or what my future was going to look like.


I had some knowledge about what happened in a doctor’s office, but I had little knowledge about the behind-the-scenes occurrences of healthcare or information technology. When I found out about the HIHIT program, it seemed too good to be true. I couldn’t believe that within a 9-week program, I could learn enough about healthcare technology and the healthcare industry to pursue a career in it; I wondered if most alumni had Health IT experience prior to participating in the program. 


I found that while some of the students in my cohort had healthcare experience, many, like me, were moving in a new direction. Through collaboration with the rest of the cohort, and with the help of the amazing HIHIT program faculty and staff, I learned about Data Analytics, Healthcare Systems, Interoperability, Project Management, Healthcare Policy, and more. This broad focus on all parts of the healthcare industry, from government involvement to private hospitals to technological advancements to individual patients, expanded my understanding of the complex healthcare structure in the US. Hearing from guest speakers and former graduates of the Health IT program helped me understand career paths within the healthcare industry. The fantastic professional skills coaching helped me review my resume, practice my interview skills, and prepare for the first steps into a Health IT career. All these elements of the HIHIT program allowed me to apply for Health IT jobs with confidence and awareness of my future role in the wider system.  


About a month after the Summer 2020 program ended, I began working at a company with a great culture and opportunities to learn even more about Health IT. I will always be thankful to the HIHIT program for equipping me with the skills, knowledge, and excitement I needed to make the leap into a new direction."

Jennifer, HIHIT Summer 2020

Account Specialist, VRL Eurofins


“In May 2020, I had just graduated and changed my plans to not pursue pharmacy school being a pre-pharmacy student throughout my whole undergraduate career. Unsure of what to do and panicking about not having a plan, my friend recommended I join with her the Health Informatics and Information Technology program offered by UT Austin. At first, I was hesitant looking at the website; I wondered how this program could set students up for success with lifelong careers. However, I had nothing to lose by joining this program. I was interested in learning more about health informatics and IT and how technology plays a vital role in the healthcare industry. And I would be able to expand my skillset as a professional. Thus, I wanted to give it a go. 


On the first day when we were doing introductions, I already felt a sense of community (hence being virtual)! I genuinely loved hearing everyone’s story, where they were from, and why they joined this program. I knew just from the first day that I had made the right choice by joining. This program was intense fitting the curriculum in just 9 weeks. However, Professor Bob, Professor Nauert, Amanda, Erin, and Alison made it possible.  We had lectures, discussions, projects, presentations and guest speakers. We learned everything from Health Informatics and Healthcare Analytics to Project Management to Interoperability and to Professional Career Development. This program not only taught us the skills in Informatics and IT for the healthcare industry but also taught us skills in professional development such as resume and cover letter critiques and mock interviews.  


I would recommend this program to anyone who is unsure of what their next step in life is. This program is the perfect place to start for that next step. Thank you to Professor Bob, Professor Nauert, Erin, Amanda, and Alison for your hard work and dedication to help your students become successful!”


Kirsten, HIHIT Summer 2020

Enterprise Account Manager, Oracle


When the pandemic hit in 2020, I was a junior at UT with a very unprecedented summer ahead of me. With internship opportunities up in the air, I knew that I wanted to do something during that time that would help me grow my skills as a future professional. Little did I know that those 9 weeks would be some of the most transformative of my college career! My major at UT is Biology and Business, so while I knew I wanted to do the business-side of healthcare, I really had no idea the scope of careers that could come from that.  


When joining HIHIT as an incoming senior, I loved the fact that everyone I met came from a different background, industry, and job. I was able to learn so much from my group members and classmates. It was cool to be able to connect with someone who has been in the healthcare industry for 20 years, and someone else who had graduated a year ago. All these different experiences helped me shape what I wanted to search for in my future career. The professors also did a great job of making all the coursework relevant and impactful. They helped me feel confident enough in my knowledge of the healthcare industry to reach out to industry professionals and have insightful conversations about the future of healthcare. With the help of Erin and Amanda, I also expanded my professional skills to create meaningful connections and showcase my strengths in interviews. 


As a senior going into my job recruiting season, I felt so prepared to take on any interview process that came my way. Industry professionals who spoke to us through the program helped me navigate what kind of roles I would want in a company and inspired me to see the big picture of what I would want my career trajectory to look like. Throughout my senior year, I have kept up my network connections and have had a head-start on pursuing my dream career in healthcare. I look forward to graduating and beginning my career, and am excited to see how HIHIT impacts the careers of so many others!

Sibyl, HIHIT Summer 2020

Clinic Coordinator, Round Rock Children’s Therapy Center


I am so honored to be an Alumna of the HIHIT Program of Summer 2020 and knowing that the pandemic was going to make things different, I am very thankful to the professors, other students, and the staff for making our online experience memorable and a great learning experience for us.


In this 9-week program, I was able to gain knowledge on courses such as Quality Improvement, Data Analytics, Process Redesign, Project Management, Healthcare Policy, Revenue Cycle Management, and Health IT. Having practicums and projects online helped us practice in a way that was unique in our circumstances. The HIHIT field answered any questions or concerns that I had and that helped me broaden my understanding of the program itself.


When it came down to the last couple days of the program, I had gained much knowledge that will help me when finding a job in the future. This program gave me connections to many different industries and companies that I can reach out in my near future for any job opportunities which will help my classmates and myself move forward in our careers. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to meet incredibly talented and intelligent individuals and will continue to vouch for them in the future.

Anjali, HIHIT Summer 2020

Quality Engineer, Stryker


As a rising undergraduate senior, HIHIT was a very valuable program to a be a part of. Because health IT is rapidly growing, I felt that the program would both compliment my degree in engineering and also open up my career options to an entirely new field. Although I wouldn’t start looking for career options with the program until after graduation, HIHIT gave me the opportunity to learn relevant technical and professional skills to get a head start in the field. I also found that I was able to use many of these skills (SQL, Excel, Tableau, interviewing, resume building) in projects/work throughout my senior year.


I felt that I learned a lot from the program due to the (many) opportunities we had to do hands on work. I loved that we got to apply the theory learned in class to actual, real world examples and tasks. These involved technical assignments, projects/presentations, group work, networking with industry professionals, and the practicum experience. Overall, I was able to learn so much from my classes and peers. I look forward to a future working with health IT and am excited to see how the growing field takes on the world!"

Josiah, HIHIT Spring 2020

Application Analyst III, UT Southwestern

Late January 2020 my life changed forever when I was able to join the McCombs HIHIT family. Fast forward to my 22nd birthday, I am celebrating one month at UT Southwestern Medical Center. I want to thank  Erin Steppe and the rest of the HIHIT faculty for guiding me and providing support in such an unsure time."


Balu, HIHIT Spring 2020

Consultant 1, Cerner


Having only been exposed to the clinical side of healthcare, I was unaware of a whole another technical side that is just as impactful. After my undergraduate years, I contemplated going into PA school, but my heart wasn't completely in it. I stumbled upon the HIHIT program through a friend and I decided to give it a try. The program was quite rigorous but I was able to learn a lot of valuable information and life skills, the more I learned the more I wanted to pursue a career in this field.


I made great long-lasting connections throughout the program which encouraged me to pursue a life I had envisioned for myself. The HIT program is a huge window of opportunity and I see myself going into different areas within the field as well. I am proud to have been a part of the program as I could not imagine otherwise.


I now work for a great company and continuously learning how technology is transforming healthcare in unimaginable ways. I now know that I want to further my education in this field and a prominent reason for that is the HIHIT program. The biggest lesson I've learned was that there is often more than one path to your goals as long as you keep an open mind."

Xavier, HIHIT Fall 2019

Client IT Integrator, Robin Healthcare


As I stepped foot on the University of Texas for the first time my freshman year, I was set on my post-college plans to attend med school. However, after several years I felt like I had no idea what I wanted to do anymore. It felt like I had wasted my college years unsure of what I wanted to do! While still on the fence about medical school, I began working as a medical scribe at a healthcare startup to gain experience. Through this experience I became heavily interested in the impact that technology can have in the healthcare field, and I knew I wanted to continue to explore this area. Soon I realized that I needed more experience if I really wanted to be considered competent in the field. A google search later and I came across the Health Informatics and Health IT program (HIHIT).


To say that I learned a lot in the HIHIT program is an understatement. In just 9 short weeks, I gained the experience that I needed to get my foot in the door in the world of healthcare IT. Before completing the program I had no idea how much was involved from an administrative and technological standpoint, but the topics we discussed allowed me to obtain the knowledge to be competent in my current position. Since finishing the program, I have been promoted internally in the startup because of how much more experience and knowledge I have in topics such as insurance, revenue cycle management, healthcare policy, and others. Finally, in order to continue growing in the field, I am also now pursuing an MS in Biomedical Informatics from the UT Health Science Center Houston.


Bryan, HIHIT Fall 2019

Product Implementation and Customer Success Manager, LeanTaaS


The HIHIT program completely changed the trajectory of where my life was headed. After college, I was completely unsure of what I wanted to do - I had just finished 4 years of studying and cramming for tests, with little to no work experience at all. I knew I wanted to work in industry, but I soon realized after graduation that my undergraduate degree was not as valuable as I thought it would be in regards to the job hunt. I felt lost, while all my peers already had their plans - medical school, dental school, optometry school, etc... I went back and forth thinking whether or not I should go to graduate or professional school, but I knew that deep down, I knew that I needed a change. I wanted to work in a new and exciting career field and environment, and also one which would provide professional growth and job stability.


One day, I was cleaning my room and found a discarded flyer for the HIHIT program which Erin had given me at my university's career fair. Since I had no plans after graduation at that moment, I went ahead and took a chance, applied on a whim, and was accepted not too long after. The program was a great experience -- the professors (Bob Ligon and Rick Nauert) really opened my eyes to the emerging health information technology field, and the professional development coaching that I received from Erin and Amanda was so beneficial in the job search. Not only that, but I was able to be part of a niche network of HIHIT alumni that were extremely beneficial to my job search as well. I've met lifelong friends and mentors that I'll be grateful to have met for the rest of my life through this program, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the HIHIT program to anyone that was in the same boat that I was. I now work at Cerner, which recently got named as a Fortune 500 company, as an Integrated Technologies Consultant - something that I could not have ever imagined in my wildest dreams even just a year ago. If I were to sum up my life so far in a single quote, this would be it (by Robert Frost) - "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I -- I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference."