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Standing students with Honor Code in background

Engage with Bright Minds

Connect with students while they’re planning their futures. Our team can help find opportunities that match your requirements.

Connect with Our Students

  • Attend Events, Build Your Pipeline

    There are many ways to connect with Texas McCombs students for brand building, networking, hiring, and education. McCombs hosts a number of events each year designed to help students connect with you. This is a vital part of branding your organization on campus and attracting top talent—be a part of the experience! We provide opportunities to connect with Texas McCombs students through through both a Traditional Campus Recruiting timeline as well as we offer opportunities to connect with students for your Just-in-Time hiring needs.

Get Started with Recruiting

The first step to engaging with McCombs students is to create an account in RecruitMcCombs (BBA and Specialty One Year Masters programs) and/or RecruitTexasMBA so you can advertise your opportunities to students. The best practice is to post your internship and full-time opportunities posted before attending an event.


The BBA Employer Partnership Program offers a comprehensive range of opportunities for employers to strengthen connections with talented BBA students, foster brand awareness, and enhance education.

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