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Customize Your Degree with McCombs Certificates

Do you want to set yourself apart and enhance your skill set? The McCombs School of Business offers certificate programs that'll keep you up-to-date in today’s dynamic job market. A certificate program adds value to your undergraduate education by focusing on a special field of study. These programs supplement and enhance your primary degree with an officially recognized certification.

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Business & Public Policy

Political science, business, and law combine to make one of our most versatile certificates. The Business and Public Policy Program offers challenging coursework and a whole new perspective on how the business world operates.

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Energy Management

The world runs on the fundamentals you’ll learn while earning our Energy Management certificate. Get an insider’s glimpse at the energies we currently depend on, and find out what your role can be in harnessing the energy of tomorrow.

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Undergraduate Real Estate

The Texas BBA Undergraduate Real Estate certificate program will guide you through one of business’s most dynamic and highly discussed sectors. Learn the ins and outs of investing in real estate, and why “location, location, location” is just the beginning.

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Global Management

Gain managerial and problem solving skills while learning about international business structures. The Global Management certificate includes a study abroad experience and is a good fit for those interested in public affairs, government, and non-profit organizations.

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Business of Healthcare

Healthcare is a big part of the US economy--almost 20% of the GDP, more than manufacturing. We created the Business of Healthcare Certificate to help prepare you for the unique challenges and opportunities in this field, whether you're planning on being a health professional or you want to design the Next Big App. The certificate is open to business and non-business majors at The University of Texas at Austin.

The Business of Healthcare Certificate is offered through the Healthcare @McCombs initiative. 

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Risk Management

The purpose of the Texas McCombs Risk Management Certificate is to prepare students to successfully meet the current and existing risk challenges of the business environment. The program is both structured and flexible to allow students to pursue interests in discipline-specific risks as well as general risks that any enterprise might face.

Business Minors

The Business Minor is designed to provide a foundation in business concepts and practice for students in non-business majors. It is available to non-business students in the 2016-2018 and subsequent Catalogs. 

The Entrepreneurship Minor is designed for undergraduate students interested in starting their own business ventures, creating and managing new ventures or products within existing businesses, or generating and implementing new ideas in any role that they hold during their careers. 

The Accounting/Finance Minor for the Business Economics Option Program (BEOP ACC/FIN) allows economics majors to take a set of accounting and finance courses at the McCombs School of Business. By taking accounting and finance classes alongside business majors, BEOP students explore complementarities between economic analysis and business, thereby strengthening the quantitative and analytical skills they acquire as economics majors. For more information and to apply students must contact the Department of Economics.