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Kevan Patel, 2012 Participant

As a Pre-Med/Neurobiology student at UT Austin with a determination to go to medical school, I wanted to broaden my academic experience by taking classes other than only science courses.  I had an interest in Business before I started school at UT and fortunately I discovered the Business Foundations Program in the McCombs School.  It was an ideal fit for me because it is a certificate program that is practically more than minor and less than a major, but you get to learn all the basics of what business is.  Essentially, business is everywhere in any kind of profession, and I thought to myself that maybe I want to open my own private practice as a future MD.  And to do that, having the knowledge of business would be beneficial in that endeavor.  Luckily, the BFP program had The Texas Business Foundations Summer Institute (TBFSI) that allowed me to learn all about business in one summer! The faculty was outstanding and the coursework was exactly what I was looking for.  The summer institute was enriching and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to enhance their education and have that extra notable item on their resumes.

Guillermo Olmedo Mendez, 2012 Participant

As a B.S. in Microbiology, I imagined myself dealing with vast amounts of complex diseases that the future might bring. Science has always been a passion, and technology and innovation keep providing answers to health related issues. The more I understood the world of biotechnological inventions such as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), SDS PAGE Electrophoresis and others, the more I realized how much business had an effect on it. Many biological tools from the past century have been created because there is an opportunity for investor capitalists to turn a profit. Additionally, research grants, biotech companies and even hospitals must run on budgets in order to be successful and effective. Therefore, my experience in TBFSI in 2012 was more rewarding than obtaining another certificate for my resume. More importantly, it provided me a solid foundation in respect to business skills, and how to apply them to my future endeavors in health related aspects both in laboratories and hospitals. 

Harrison Dromgoole, 2012 Participant

In majors as broad as Sociology and History, I needed something focused and practical to boost my potential as a candidate in whatever job market I planned to pursue. I knew I enjoyed Liberal Arts and people, but I didn’t know how to put the two to work. Business is everywhere, and the BFP opened doors to the business world both from an educational standpoint, as well as a career one. Due to my experience with the BFP, it's faculty, and especially the TBFSI, I’ve taken an interest in Human Resources and I’m pursuing a masters degree in Human Resource Management.

Allan Christopher Carranza, 2012 Participant

A little over a month ago I traveled to Seattle, Washington for an interview process with Microsoft Corporation that might have been as stressful as the couple weeks in the middle of TBFSI that no one ever forgets. (Business Plan, Venture Capitalists, Presentations, StockMarket Report, MARKETPLACE DECISIONS!) I am proud to say that even before I left Seattle the day after my interviews, I received and accepted an offer for a 2013 summer internship position as a Mechanical Engineer Intern with Microsoft Corporation. Not only was I proud of this accomplishment, but I have also found out since my acceptance that I am the first Mechanical Engineer from the Cockrell School of Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin to be offered this position with Microsoft.

The Microsoft recruitment staff raved about my business etiquette and knowledge and I can thank you all for that. During my specific interview date, there were only 9 students who had been invited for the Mechanical Engineering position, of which only 5 were eligible for the internship position while the others were full-time position seeking. It is safe to say that this position is a very selective one, especially since I had overheard only about 35-50 were offered last year. Seeing that Microsoft is an internationally recruiting company, the odds seemed to be against me. As I heard the rest of the interviewees talk about their 4.0 GPA's and schools like Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, and Cal-Berkely, I knew I lacked the GPA and the glory of the top 5 engineering school but could still compete with my own bragging rights.

One thing I did have that they could never compete with was a McCombs education. I was even the only interviewee to wear a business suit, knowing that Dr. Riekenberg and Dr. Loescher would not dare allow me to leave Austin without my own "power suit."  I had four interviews in a four hour time span that were supposed to be focused on engineering skills, but through each interview I was able to speak business with my interviewer. There is really no language that treats you better than the language of business in the job market. I spoke about every aspect of the five classes we were enrolled in (Accounting, Finance, International Business, Management, and Marketing) and a couple of the interviewers could not believe we had the opportunity to complete a simulation like Marketplace in only 8 weeks.

I cannot thank you all enough for the amount of knowledge you helped me gain this summer…each and every one of you was able to create a strong connection with all of the students, which made learning so much easier. I understand that completing a Business Foundations certificate is an achievement, but completing the TBFSI program is an honor. I know that many of you speak about past students and how [they] talked about how rewarding the program was once they felt the effects of it. You can definitely include me in that group of students. I have been meaning to thank you all for quite some time and finally found the time to do it. I understand that devoting an entire summer to this program is a sacrifice you all make and I will never be able to thank you all enough for the impact you had on not only my upcoming career, but my life.

Russell BrockettRussell Brockett, 2011 Participant

(Russell completed his Masters of Science in Finance and is now employed in the financial industry.) 

As a non-business major from Claremont McKenna College, an elite liberal arts school in California, I was looking for an intensive summer program that would help me gain a foundation in business to supplement my Psychology and Government Majors. The Texas Business Foundations Summer Institute (TBFSI) at UT Austin was the ideal fit. Their renowned faculty, worldwide business school reputation, and broad business coursework made my education decision quite simple, and provided an experience that will undoubtedly be an aid throughout my professional career. I enjoyed my experience to such an extent that I decided to enroll in graduate school at the McCombs School of Business, where I am currently building upon the finance knowledge I was initially exposed to at TBFSI. I highly recommend the program to anyone looking to supplement their undergraduate major with some of the most important concepts in business.

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