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Chandler Purcell – BS, Corporate Communications & Business Foundations, 2015

"While at UT Austin, I majored in Communication Studies in the Moody College of Communication. I also decided to pursue a Business Foundations Certificate, which proved to make a significant difference in my college experience and career search. I knew that I wanted to do something in the corporate world, but I didn’t know what. Having the opportunity to take courses in Marketing, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Management, and others enabled me to explore different career options and get exposure to diverse subjects, projects, professors and fellow students. I developed an interest in Management, and decided I wanted to pursue a career in Human Resources. The courses I took and relationships I made with professors helped equip me for success during recruiting. I had the opportunity to attend the McCombs Career Expo, and met great companies with exciting career options. I now work at Texas Instruments in Dallas as a member of the Human Resources Development Program. Through my rotation assignments I’ve been an HR Business Partner for multiple business units, and currently work as a University Recruiting Manager. My Communications Degree helped lay the foundation, and my Business Foundations Certificate was the additional boost I needed to equip me for success in a business career path.  I would highly encourage any student to pursue this certificate – it made all the difference for me!"

Landon Fox - Junior Electrical & Computer Engineer - Summer Institute 2017

 "The McCombs Summer Institute did more than teach the fundamentals and necessities of business, it gave me an experience that is directly applicable to real world business environments. Was it challenging? Very. However, being on a committed team and being thrown into the rigor and grit of starting a business will stay with me for the rest of my career."

Mallory Barbosa - Senior Chemistry - Summer Institute 2017

 "As a student in Natural Science, the majority of my college career is spent writing lab reports and understanding theories that are the foundation for the world we live in. However, I always felt that my analytical ability would be greater enhanced by the practical applications of business. With the help of accounting and finance, I am now able to understand the flow of money from the way it helps keep a company moving to the way it can evolve the company in the future with investments. Marketing helped me grasp the power of strategies that promote brand awareness to translate viewers into customers. With management, I realized a passion for motivating and helping others succeed in what they are best at. Finally, with entrepreneurship, I recognized the complex inner workings of a business and how to create one from the ground up. These five classes and the experiences I had over the summer program exhibited the foundation of the business world we live in. This foundation will advance my abilities in the workforce and aid me in turning my passion for science into a career."

Taylor Bui - Junior IRG - Summer Institute 2017

 "The McCombs Summer Institute was one of the best decisions I've made in college. Along with finishing a minor in 9 weeks, I'm now prepared to handle a tough workplace environment. Being in such an intensive and challenging program has taught me how to balance personal life with professional, which is invaluable for my future."

Kathryn Victory - Senior Theater Studies/Corporate Communication - Summer Institute 2017

"This program is more than test and projects. It is more than 15 credit hours and completing a minor in Business. It is about learning and working with people who will change the world. This program facilitates an 8 week project that ignites creativity and adventure. This program teaches you about you."

Ethan Lac - Senior, Electrical  Engineering - Summer Institute 2017


"The McCombs Summer Institute allowed me to learn many applicable skills in a rigorous but creative learning environment. The workload was heavy, but definitely worth it in the end. I believe the valuable skills gained from this program will provide me with a basis in business that will be extremely valuable in my career path moving forward."

Noah Harness, Corporate Communications Junior - Summer Institute 2016

"This program was hard. Going into the program, I was convinced that this would be one of the more difficult things I would encounter and endure in my academic career. Luckily, during this program I made life long bonds with people I value and respect. I also learned more about my love for finance and the investment industry. I plan to apply for the MSF program (the advisors/coordinators came to speak to the students in the program). The program is hard, and it needs to be. It serves as a test to us students and affords us an opportunity to exceed our preconceived limitations. I learned a great deal about business, people, and myself. This program is a privilege, and I am glad I took it up during this past summer."

McKenzie Cornish, BFA Dance Sophomore - Summer Institute 2016 

“[MSI] was so much more than I expected. I come from the world of Fine Arts, and while I excel in my field, I found that by pursuing a rigorous business foundations program, I’ve been given an attractive skill set that differentiates me from the next person in an interview. Now, the world is mine. All of the hard work paid off, and the future is brighter than ever!"

Clark Higganbotham, Biology Junior - Summer Institute 2016

"One of my favorite parts about [MSI] was the cohort model approach to learning. In several of my classes at The University, there have been over 300 students and I did not get the chance to even meet some of my colleagues. In the institute, however, I became close with everyone in my cohort and even some students in different cohorts as well. Another great part of the summer institute was the fact that many of the professors teach in McCombs during the long semester so I felt as if I was really getting the full Business Class experience. I also appreciated that BA 320F was taught in person as opposed to online. I learned a great deal in the program and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to do Business Foundations."

Katie Steel, English Sophomore - Summer Institute 2016

"I spent the summer doing the McCombs summer institute and it was life changing. It was definitely hard, as it should be, to take five business courses in eight weeks but I got so much more out of it then I would have if I would have taken these classes during the regular semesters. 

For one thing, I met so many people from different majors and got to connect with them on a deep level since I spent the whole summer struggling alongside them. It not only helped build my network but it also opened my eyes to a lot of different thought processes and ideas. 

Then there was also the guest speakers who came every other week or so. They were usually CEO's and/or entrepreneurs and they were extremely interesting and even helpful on a personal level. After they spoke I usually stayed behind to speak with them about my personal endeavors and they all gave me advice or encouragement and then gave me their business card or connected with me on linked in! I've already met with three of them outside of the program to discuss my current venture. 

Which leads me to the most important thing that I got out of the program. In entrepreneurship we had a 7 week project where created the framework for a business from the ground up. I had already had an idea for a company but I didn't know what the next steps for it were. Luckily my five member group agreed to use it as our business to work on. We spent a good chunk of our time in the program working on this business. That included creating projected cashflows, a mission statement, a marketing plan, and so much more. Not only did I learn so much about the business and myself throughout this process but it's actually become much bigger than that. With the help of some [MSI] professors and a few of the guest speakers from the program I am actually working toward launching my product in March of this year! [MSI] pushed me to do things that I never would have done before and gave me the skills that I need to actually execute these ideas that I have. I would recommend [MSI] to anyone who asked me about it. There are truly no other opportunities like it. 

Sarah Vasquez, Public Relations Sophomore - Summer Institute 2016

"I was first introduced to [the Summer Institute] at my regular PRSSA meeting where [they] invited everyone to a "Brand Camp." At the time, I felt very unsure of where I wanted my career to take me. Somehow I knew that if I could just take a few steps back and understand what my personal brand was, I would be able to better discern what type of career I wanted for myself. I attended the Brand Camp, lead by Katie Pritchett. She made us focus on several questions that would help us to determine our personal brands. Some of the questions were easy for me to answer, and others I could hardly answer at all. The brand camp was the start, and I left with several unanswered questions that I was determined to have answered in a few months. Almost coincidentally, the Brand Camp gave me the foundation I needed to begin an internship. My manager's goal was to have us understand and build our personal brands. After that great coincidence, I was accepted into the [MSI] program. The program was intense and challenging, however the small classroom experience and hilarious instructors made the program enjoyable. My cohort was extremely close and we all helped each other "survive" the summer. My favorite classes were in Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Professional Development. The instructors made sure that what they were teaching was relevant to all majors. Once again, with Katie Pritchett's guidance, I was able to finally answer those questions about my personal brand. Even better, with the resume and cover letter assignments from class, I was able to pursue and then successfully secure the internship I had been pining over for months."


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