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Students in the Career Center.
Students in the Career Center.
Students in the Career Center.
Students in the Career Center.

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Recruit the Best in Four Steps

Build your brand - Career Services is here to help you get started with your involvement strategies. Connect with us to learn how to effectively build your McCombs presence.

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Recruit the Best in Four Steps

Post a Job - McCombs has many tools to assist you in your search to find the perfect fit. Review our Job Posting options to see which method is perfect for you.
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Recruit the Best in Four Steps

Plan your interviews - Make the most of our facilities and your time. Review our On-Campus Recruiting Guide to plan your interviews and reserve your space.
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Recruit the Best in Four Steps

Make an offer - Found the perfect fit for your company? Make sure your offer meets McCombs' guidelines and is presented as attractively as possible.

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On-campus interviewing at McCombs is held in one of two locations: the Ford Career Center (FCC) for our BBA, MPA, and MS student populations, or the Rowling Hall Interview Center (RHIC) for our MBA students.  Interviewing in both facilities is free of charge and includes access to a recruiter's lounge, business center and McCombs top talent.

To request interview rooms, please connect with the industry representative for whichever student population you are targeting.

Using our RecruitMcCombs and RecruitTexasMBA systems, you will be able to manage your on-campus interview schedules, postings, events and more. 

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Job Postings

We have three systems to target McCombs students and alumni - RecruitMcCombs, RecruitTexasMBA and the McCombs Alumni Job Board. The right system for your recruiting needs is just a click away:

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Info Sessions

Everything you need to know about planning your info session is in our printable info session guide.

It includes:

  • Directions and Maps
  • Shipping addresses for materials
  • AV offerings

Catering: If serving perishable food, fill out Catering Form provided by your RAM and coordinate order and delivery with your preferred third-party catering vendor.


Found the perfect fit for your company? Make sure that your offer is competitive and meets McCombs guidelines.

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Employers have more success if the compensation they offer is comparable to historical salaries of the targeted student segment.

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Job Description

Stand out from the crowd! A memorable job title and description are key to your recruiting success. View our Job Description Guidelines for best practices that will help set your position apart from the rest.

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Resume Books

Supplement your recruiting efforts with our searchable resume books in our systems. Talk to us about gaining access and utilizing this online feature for targeted recruiting.

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McCombs hosts a number of events each year designed to help students connect with you. This is a vital part of branding your organization on campus and attracting top talent—be a part of the experience!

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To qualify for on-campus recruiting at McCombs, your full-time and internship opportunities must align with the following:

Aligns with Academic Calendar
Aligns with Academic Calendar
No 3rd-party recruiting
No 3rd-Party Recruiting
Professional Position
Professional Position
Agree to Guidelines/Policies
Agree to Guidelines / Policies

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