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President William Powers, Jr.These young people will become the thinkers and doers of their generation. They are our future. We are proud that the University of Texas at Austin is taking an active role in transforming their lives.
~ Former President William Powers, Jr.

Gabi Bradshaw and her momWe would like to thank Subiendo Academy for providing an amazing leadership opportunity for our daughter. This experience truly changed Gabi’s life, and gave her more confidence in herself to lead and work with others.  The friendships she made were like none other that she has.  It was amazing to see how fast she bonded with the other kids who are leading the future.  She maintains a connection to this day. 
~ Bill & Gracie Bradshaw, Subiendo Parents

Ubaldo RodriguezComing from a low-income family can sometimes put barriers that at times seem impossible to overcome. However, thanks to Subiendo, my dreams no longer seem so far away. Thank you for giving me hope again and for dedicating so much of your time to us and our future. 
~ Ubaldo Rodriguez, Jr., 2013 Participant

No Photo AvailableMy daughter Ana Manoela Martinez participated last year and she had the time of her life. She is now accepted at UT Austin and this opportunity helped her to realize that UT would be the University she wanted to attend. Thank you and I hope my students have the same opportunity as my daughter.
~ Ana Cristina Martinez, Subiendo  Parent

Olga CastroSubiendo has changed my life. Knowing the impact that I can make on the lives of students that are very close to embarking on the journey to college is the most rewarding feeling I have ever had. While the students that participate in the academy learn a lot throughout their stay, they have taught me so much about how to be the best role model I can be. This program has enriched my UT experience.
~ Olga Castro, Team Leader 

Catalina LizarragaIn 5 days I learned things that will help me throughout my whole life. Thank you so much Subiendo! And also I'm extremely grateful to all the students, counselors, directors, sponsors and speakers that helped make this great experience happen! I won't forget anything.
~ Catalina Lizarraga, 2011 Participant

No Photo AvailableThanks for the opportunity of serving the students here in El Paso Texas. I am a school counselor for the Tornillo ISD and I gave the information to some of the students that were interested, including my son Aaron Morales. His plans are to attend UT Austin and I know even though he doesn’t get selected this application helps him practice and feel what the process of scholarships are.
~ Angie Morales, High School Counselor

Daniel SalasI am incredibly grateful for your efforts, as without them, this life-changing experience would not exist. I hope that through my future actions and accomplishments, I can repay just a small part of the vast debt I owe Subiendo.
~ Daniel Salas, 2013 Participant

Paulina LermaI would just like to thank you so much for the opportunity and position of Assistant Team Leader for Subiendo! I really enjoyed coming back and giving back to the program after what it has given me. I hope you know Subiendo truly impacted my life and was one of the reasons I chose to attend UT. I will definitely continue to stay involved with Subiendo!
~ Paulina Lerma, 2013 Assistant Team Leader, 2012 Subiendo Participant

Stephanie Munoz

Thanks to Subiendo, I have learned to believe in my potential to do great things. Thank you for being a part of a program that has helped me grow.
~ Stephanie Munoz, 2013 Participant


No Photo AvailableQuisiera dar las gracias a todas aquellas personas involucradas en este simposium de Subiendo. Especialmente a todos los consejeros que pasaron horas eternas a lado de los jovenes participantes. Se que todas las experiencias que estos jovenes vivieron estos ultimos dias, los guiara a alcanzar los planes y suenios que cada uno de ellos tiene. Fue una experiencia inolvidable para mi hijo, y puedo asegurar que para todas las personas que igualmente asistieron. De nuevo, mil gracias. 
                            ~ Hector Guerra, Subiendo Parent

Michelle MejiaBecause of Subiendo, I will go home a new person showing the potential I had, but people didn’t really see it in me. Thank you for this great opportunity.
~ Michelle Mejia, 2013 Participant