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Resources and Training

The FTTC offers access to the following financial data resources:


Real-time financial market data, news, price quotes including derivatives and many other types of data.

training and certification

The Bloomberg Certification process allows students to get certified for equity, debt, foreign exchange, and commodity analysis on the Bloomberg system.  There are five separate sections that must be passed; they are:

  • 4 Introductory Videos; 1 Test Covering All 4
  • 1 Equity Video; 1 Equity Test
  • 1 Fixed Income Video; 1 Fixed Income Test
  • 1 Foreign Exchange (FX) Video; 1 FX Test
  • 1 Commodity Video; 1 Commodity Test
All five tests must be passed (75% or higher). There is only 1 retake for each of the exams.

To begin taking the tests, a student must have their own account. In order to do this, go through the following steps:
  • Press the red control button on the keyboard
  • Rather than logging in with the EDS password, immediately press the <GO> button
  • Fill out the necessary information
It is important to note that being a student is not one of the options that can be chosen. Therefore, pick the desired field you wish to have. After completing the registration process, Bloomberg will either call/text or e-mail you. You will then be asked to enter your 4 digit verification number. After you validate that number, your account will be activated and your login name will appear. This login name and the password you designated will be used every time you log on to work on your certification. Hence, take special note of these two items.
To obtain access the videos and tests use the command BESS + <GO>, for Bloomberg Essentials Online Training Program. Then click on Training Videos and watch the video. Each video lasts about 30 minutes. After watching the video use press the “Help” key twice to ask a Bloomberg help representative to enable you to take the respective exam. After you have been activated for the test, click 7) Exams & Exam Summary, then click on the exam you wish to take.



Company Analytics; Market and Economic Analytics; Real-Time Analytics; Portfolio Analytics; Quantitative Analytics; Fixed Income Analytics; Application Development.


Morningstar Direct

Equity and fund research tool with proprietary analyst reports.

Morningstar Direct Certification Program

 Morningstar now offers a certification program for Morningstar Direct.  The program consists of 12 courses designed to help the student achieve a comprehensive working knowledge of how to use Morningstar Direct for researching stocks and funds; constructing and tracking portfolios; and creating output for presentations. Each course provides a tutorial guide to help the student prepare for the certification exams. Live and recorded webcasts are also available to add supplementary knowledge for each course topic.

The students can start the certification process today by logging into Morningstar Direct and going to 'Training' found under 'Home' on the left navigational panel.

Argus Valuation

Commercial real estate cash flow projection, transaction analysis and asset valuation solution.