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Scholarships and Fellowships

$50,000 and up

Undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships allow UT to attract and recognize the best undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of their financial circumstances. The minimum gift level is $50,000 for an undergraduate scholarship and $100,000 for a graduate fellowship. Prestigious awards such as Endowed Presidential Scholarships and Fellowships and full-ride Forty Acres Scholarships range in amounts up to and beyond $500,000.

Guerrero“I love science, especially
biochemistry, and I’m leaning
toward pursuing a graduate degree
in medicine or in medical research.”

– Alejandra Guerrero,
recipient of the A. D. Hutchison
Student Endowment Fund

Currently the McCombs School is only able to provide scholarship packages to 2% of incoming freshmen. We have set a goal to establish a community of scholars built on a tiered “McCombs Scholars” program. Over the long-term, this ambitious initiative seeks to equip the McCombs School with 375 total scholarships (over 90 per class)—enough to ensure that the very brightest young minds in business have every reason to call the McCombs School home.

McCombs Scholars Program Levels

  • Forty Acres Scholarship: $500,000
    Recipients receive four years of tuition and fees, housing and food, a living stipend, books, and summer enrichment activities including a service-learning experience, a study abroad placement, and internships.
  • McCombs President's Scholarship: $250,000
    Recipients receive four years of tuition and fees.
  • McCombs Dean's Scholarship: $125,000
    Recipients receive half of tuition and fees for four years. Read more about the McCombs Scholars program.

Page last updated: 3/26/2015