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Open to all UT undergraduates. Applications for Spring and Summer/Fall 2024 are now open and due September 30.

Global Change Maker Scholarships

International experience transforms lives by facilitating new experiences and perspectives, cultivating adaptability and resilience, and expanding horizons.  Global Change Maker Scholarships help remove financial barriers to study abroad and international internships internships so that more students can prepare to lead in a world in which business has no borders. Awards of up to $5,000 are available to UT undergraduates from all majors looking to incorporate an international experience into their time at the university.

Before You Apply

The application for Global Change Maker Scholarship requires a lot of information, and applicants are encouraged to take a few minutes to prepare and collect some information prior to starting the process.

Know Your Expected Costs

You will be expected to provide the Estimated Cost for your intended experience.  These costs typically include some or all of the following 

  • Housing and Food
  • Airfare
  • Local Transportation
  • Medical & Insurance
  • Passport & Visa
  • Required Fees (such as application or program participation fees)
  • Books, Materials, and Personal Items


If you are studying abroad through UT: This information can be found on the specific program page available through Texas Global (click here for example) and you will not be required to itemize your response unless the estimated cost you provide deviates from the budget provided by Texas Global.


If you are studying abroad through another institution: Please contact them for a breakdown of expected cost as you will be required to submit the breakdown to CGB.  You can use one of these budget templates to gather necessary information.


If you are completing an international internship: You will be expected to send a breakdown of your expected costs with the above-referenced categories, as well as your anticipated salary information, in order to complete your application.  You can use one of budget template to gather necessary information.

Prepare Your Essays

The application has three essay questions (maximum 250 words each).  You are strongly encouraged to take full advantage of the opportunity to convey information about your plans, and to draft the essays in advance so you can review them for accuracy prior to submission.  The essays are:


Essay #1: Describe explicitly how the study abroad program relates to your degree program and any special circumstances that relate to your application for this scholarship.

Essay #2: Describe the nature and extent of your financial need and any special financial circumstances. Be specific in identifying extenuating circumstances to assist the committee in understanding your need and how a scholarship would positively address it.

Note: Both Essay #1 and #2 are identical to those requested for multiple other UT international experience scholarships available through UT's Global Assist platform, and you are free to use those essays here as well.

Essay #3: Describe where you believe you will be professionally in the next five years.  Include your short- and long-term career goals, and how you plan to leverage your international experience into the launching of your career plans.

Identify Your Reference

The application requests you provide a reference familiar with your intention to complete an international experience, your interest in international business, and your any other unique circumstances that relate to your academic and professional journey.  You will provide the name and email address of your reference and they will be sent a form to complete.  So while you do not need to obtain a formal letter from your reference, you should let them know to expect a message from the Center for Global Business with the form.

Request Preliminary Approval

If you are an International Business major, or if you are pursuing an international business or global management minor, please request preliminary approval at before submitting your application. Obtaining preliminary approval prior to applying will ensure your intended experience will count towards your requirement, and will ensure you receive full credit for your planning skills on the scholarship application.


Polish Up Your Resume

Resumes are required for application.  If you have not already prepared one (or if yours needs a bit of review or polish) please take a look at this guidance, and feel free to use this template to prepare your resume.

2022-23 Global Change Maker Scholarship Recipients

  • 50%


    Students Not Majoring in IB

  • 43%


    Internship Participants

  • 38%


    Undergraduate Students

  • $33K


    Since Spring 2023

Ray Brimble

    We are grateful to Ray Brimble (Class of 1974) for his support of CGB and its students through the Brimble Global Impact Initiative and its Global Change Makers Scholarships. Ray is a true example of how what starts here changes the world ... and changes lives.


Please take a minute to review the frequently asked questions below.  If you have a question that is not answered here, please contact us at


Undergraduate students from all majors who are enrolled and in good standing at The University of Texas at Austin are eligible for Global Change Maker Scholarships, with the following exceptions: (1) students who have previously been awarded a Global Change Maker Scholarship may not receive a second award and (2) students may not receive a scholarship after completion of their international experience as awards are made for future plans only.


As the scholarships are intended to further international experience in the course of integrated study, study abroad and international internships of 4 weeks or more are eligible for scholarship awards.  Volunteer experiences and other personal travel are not eligible for awards.


Applications for Spring awards (and priority applications for Summer/Fall awards) open on August 1st and close on September 30th.


Applications for Summer/Fall awards (and priority applications for Spring Awards) open on January 4th and close on February 28th.


Applications are accepted each semester, and while admission to a study abroad program or confirmation of an international experience is not required, students are strongly encouraged to wait to apply until their plans for international experience (including timing, location, and university or employer) are established as preference will be given to those whose international experience plans are confirmed.


Yes, a reference is required. Students must provide a reference from their academic advisor, their study abroad advisor, or a UT faculty member familiar with the applicant's academic and international plans, as well as the applicant's interest in international business.


There is a strong preference for references from advisors as they indicate the applicant is fully aware of how international experience will impact their degree planning and course scheduling.


All application components are reviewed and scored with respect to the following three elements:


1.  Commitment to the study of International Business (approx. 45% of score)

Students pursing International Business credentials (an international business major or minor) receive preference for scholarship awards. Demonstrated commitment (including the coursework completed towards that credential) increases the likelihood of an award.  Longer experiences and experiences with employment element also receive preference.


2. Financial Need (approx. 30% of score)

Financial need is established both through the FAFSA process, an essay submission by the applicant, and any work experience.


3. Academic Performance and Potential (approx. 25% of score)

Academic performance and potential are assessed through the applicant's in-residence GPA, as well as an essay submission that demonstrates both their ability to integrate the experience into their course of study and their ability to communicate and write effectively.



Mutliple awards of up to $5,000 each are made each semester.  The number and amount of awards will vary depending on applicant demand.


If your question is not answered here please feel free to email it to us at We look forward to hearing from you!


Getting aborad might not be easy, but it's worth the effort.  Apply today, and contact us if you have any questions!