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New job? New family member?

Let your fellow accounting alumni know what's been going on in your life! Share your news online on the McCombs alumni Class Notes page.

As a Texas MPA, you are not just a valued member of the business community, but a vital part of our own honored traditions. There is no better way to protect the McCombs legacy and further solidify the reputation of the University of Texas than maintaining a strong alumni community. It is through the hard work and dedication of our graduates that we achieve prominence, and through the dedicated efforts of our staff and faculty that we continue to produce such esteemed alumni.

Learn how you can become a McCombs Ambassador and be a leading force in our mission to engage alumni and current students. Don't have time to give, but want to help? Give to the program! Your donation helps us provide students with the same top notch education you received.

Page last updated: 3/5/2014