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The Texas MSTC Program is looking for outstanding individuals with a passion for technology and innovation. There are no specific test score or GPA minimums required to enter the Texas MSTC, nor is any single undergraduate major considered preferable to another. We evaluate each applicant on their fit with the program as a whole; applicants may demonstrate their excellence through professional accomplishments, test scores, entrepreneurial endeavors, and admissions interviews.

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Step 1

Fill Out the Online Application

You will need the following items to complete the application:

  • Test Scores (GMAT or GRE and, if applicable, TOEFL or IELTS). Email our team to explore GMAT/GRE waivers. SEND EMAIL
  • An official transcript to upload to your file
  • A detailed resume
  • Admissions essay:
    • What are your short and long term goals, and how will the Texas MSTC Program help you achieve them? Also, please describe how your experiences, both personal and professional, have led you to pursue the MSTC degree at this time. (maximum length: 700 words)
  • Two letters of recommendation

You can find the application for the Texas MSTC Class of 2019 here. Select "Start a New Application" and then "2018" for the application type. After that, select "2018 MSTC Application". Note: "2018 MSTC Application" will go live in July 2017.

Step 2

Pay the Application Fee

An email will be sent prompting you to pay the application fee within two business days of the online application submission. This amount will be invoiced through "What I Owe." Applications will not be processed until the fee is paid. Your application fee status on the McCombs system will be marked as "Paid" within two business days of payment.

US Fee - $65 | International Fee - $90

Step 3

Submit Official Materials to GIAC

To complete the application process, you must:

  • Submit official transcripts from all attended 4-year universities (transcripts are not required from junior and community colleges) to the GIAC; see the GIAC instructions for transcript submission. NOTE: This is the second time you'll be submitting your transcripts to The University of Texas at Austin. Once is directly to the Texas MSTC Program through the online application (see Step 1) and a second time directly to GIAC.
  • Submit official GMAT or GRE scores to the GIAC. Scores must be sent electronically to the GIAC directly from the testing agency. GMAT Code: 396-44-45 and GRE Code: 6882.
  • Submit official TOEFL or IELTS scores to the GIAC (international applicants only). TOEFL Code: 6882. IELTS scores are sent by hard-copy mail upon your request. Read more about TOEFL and IELTS scores and submission.
  • Submit your Green Card (permanent residents only) to the GIAC.

Step 4

Interview (by invitation only)

Interviews are conducted in person or via Skype by an MSTC Admissions Committee member. The Texas MSTC Program office will contact you through the application system to schedule an interview if invited.

Step 5

Monitor Your Application Status

Check the status of your application to make sure all submitted items have been received. If any required items are shown as outstanding or not received, your application decision will be delayed. Once all materials are received from your application you can expect a decision within 3 weeks of the application deadline.

Admissions Deadlines




Application Deadlines             




September 5, 2017




October 16, 2017




December 18, 2017

Final deadline for all international applicants (Non US and permanent residents)



February 12, 2018