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Lab Hours

Lab Hours - Fall 2015

Posted hours are subject to change according to usage demand and other factors.

The MOD Lab (CBA 5.304 and 5.325):

Fall and Spring semester hours for the MOD Lab are 8am-5pm weekdays for class reservation availability only and from 5pm until 9pm weekdays for general McCombs student usage. No evening hours during the Summer. Hours are subject to change according to class schedules and other variables. Do not depend on this lab being open at any given time. Food and drink are strictly prohibited in the MOD Lab.

NRG Productivity Center

GSB 4.112A
Open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The NRG Productivity Center, formerly known as the Reliant Reading Room, is a study facility for McCombs School students only.  You must bring your student ID to enter this room, as the door unlocks with a proximity card reader. Individual study carrels are available for private study; all come equipped with power outlets and Kensington lock loops to secure notebook computers against theft. Several group study areas are also available. Group study rooms can be reserved on the lab reservations page.  The productivity center has its own printer, a section of desktop computers as well as complete wireless coverage.
Food and drink are not allowed in the NRG Productivity Center.

NRG Productivity Center

NRG Productivity Center (CBA 4.112A)

The NRG Productivity Center is a state-of-the-art laptop lounge equipped with a section of desktop computers and full wireless access. Additionally, the lab features multiple private group/study rooms. This lab is open to all McCombs students.

To access the NRG Productivity Center you must:

  • Bring your current UT ID proximity card
  • Be a business student or be currently taking business courses with an associated technology fee
  • The study rooms are by reservation only. Click here to reserve a group/team room.


  • 1 UTprint Ricoh Aficio MP 2352 black and white laser printer
  • More information on printing can be found on the Lab FAQ page

MOD Lab (CBA 5.304 and 5.325)

***The MOD Lab has been recently updated with new carpet and new desks with retractable flat surface work panels allowing for dual work modalities.  Please take the greatest care in maintaining these resources for the usage and enjoyment of all McCombs technology users.***

The lab contains 82 workstations and 2 instructor/command stations. It can be divided into two 41 workstation labs designated as MOD Lab East and MOD Lab West.

The lab is also equipped with computer, whiteboard, transparency, and DVD projection with sound. Laptop usage/projection cable, wireless mic, and a wireless mouse are available upon request. Please indicate need for this equipment on the reservation form. Any additional equipment (notebook computer, portable or freestanding lectern, presentation remote, laser pointer, etc.) must be reserved through Media Services (471-4095) located in GSB 3.132. Simultaneous and local capabilities allow the lab features to be controlled from either one or both instructor stations:

General Use Lab Area

82 Dell OptiPlex 7040 (Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6500 CPU at 3.20 GHz, 64-bit) each with

  • Windows 10, 64-bit
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 500 GB Hard Drive
  • 20 inch Dell flat panel monitor
  • Dell Quiet Keyboard and Optical mouse

Reserve the MOD Lab


Mod Lab Reservation System

This system is for the use of McCombs faculty, staff, students and affiliated events. MOD Lab reservations must be submitted through this system exclusively for approval. The system requires input your UTEID and password to verify identification and affiliation. Any request(s) will be TENTATIVELY approved until a final approval decision is made. Automated email confirmation will be sent to this effect. MOD Lab Online Reservation System

Attention McCombs Faculty/Staff/ Organization

The COE no longer includes software installed exclusively or primarily in the Business School labs. The Lab Supervisors will assume full responsibility for managing the evaluation, purchasing, maintenance, version control, and deployment of requested software. Please carefully read the COE (Common Operating Environment) page to determine whether or not the requested software is already part of the COE. The Computer Lab Installed Software page lists the non-COE software currently installed in the labs and should also be consulted. Please complete the online request form to begin the installation request process if the software you require is not listed on the COE page. Please be sure to completely read the information preceding the form.

Behavioral Research Laboratory (CBA North - 6th floor)

Behavioral Research Laboratory (CBA North - 6th floor)

The McCombs School Behavioral Research Laboratory is designed to facilitate leading-edge research on issues that affect individual or organizational performance. It is available to all McCombs School faculty members and Ph.D. students.

Facilities and Equipment

The capabilities of the McCombs School Behavioral Research Laboratory are extensive and designed to facilitate the research of McCombs School faculty members and PhD students. There are two primary rooms in the Behavioral Research Laboratory: (1) a large room with tables and associated viewing area with video equipment, and (2) a workstation room. These rooms can be reserved together or separately by McCombs faculty members and PhD. students (see the "Reservation Procedures and Policies" page on this website). There is also a third room (Small Focus Room) that can be used for smaller experiments, conferences, or as a control area for administering experiments taking place in the other rooms.

For more information regarding the Behavioral Lab's resources, please see the McCombs Behavioral Lab Purpose and Resources 2-15-19.

  • Workstation Room "WS" (Computer Lab Room - CBA 6.499)
  • Large Conference Room with Table "LR" (Focus Group Room - CBA 6.402)
  • Small Conference Room "CR" (CBA 6.497)


In addition to space and software resources, the lab has the following resources available to researchers.

- A team of Undergraduate Research Assistants who are trained and supervised to facilitate most of the data collection in the Behavioral Lab

- A lab coordinator who can manage the logistical details of your study including subject recruitment, study piloting, and other study details.

- A dedicated IT specialist who provides technical support and can configure lab space to meet your research needs.

To learn more about these resources available to researchers who use the Behavioral Lab, please reach out to Paige Abbott at

Further information

The day-to-day operations of the Behavioral Research Laboratory are managed by Paige Abbott, Lab Coordinator, along with a Computer Services, Technical Support, staff member. Laboratory usage policies and procedures are the responsibility of the Behavioral Research Laboratory Committee. These policies and procedures along with a reservation submission link are located on the Application Request page. Please follow those policies and procedures when reserving and utilizing the laboratory facilities.

For additional information about the Behavioral Research Laboratory, please e-mail Behavioral Lab Reservations.

Behavioral Laboratory location

CBA 6.497, CBA 6.499, and CBA 6.402
McCombs School of Business
University of Texas at Austin
2100 Speedway Austin, TX 78712-1170

Remember When Using MOD Lab Computers

  • Food or Drink, in any form (this includes empty containers or packages), is NEVER allowed in the MOD Lab (CBA 5.304). Water is allowed in the NRG Productivity Center (GSB 4.112A). Place food and/or drink inside of your bag/backpack (concealed) or you may use the cubicles located near the entrance to MOD Lab East and MOD Lab West. Please properly dispose of food or drink containers when empty before entering the lab. Violators risk temporary loss of account privileges.
  • Do not share your msb account. Only McCombs students are allowed msb accounts. You alone are responsible for your msb account and any work/information completed using it. Violators risk temporary loss of account privileges.
  • Save your work on multiple separate resources. These resources could include, but are not limited to, saving files to UTBox or Google Drive/Sites, burning to a CD or DVD, e-mailing files to yourself, or saving to a USB drive.
  • You may save files TEMPORARILY to the C:/Temp folder. However, you must transfer any saved files to one of the resources listed above before logging off. Once logged off, any files in the Temp folder are deleted and unrecoverable.
  • Make sure you log off every time you leave the lab. This will help to ensure the security of your account and any data or resources contained within.