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The Leadership in Global Sustainability Minor is a joint program of Texas McCombs and the Moody School of Communication. Learn to lead in a future that is still taking shape.


The Leadership in Global Sustainability minor is a new option for undergraduate students from The McCombs School of Business and The Moody College of Communication. The 17-hour minor launched in the Fall of 2022 and is for undergraduates across UT Austin. A competitive application cycle will be held each Fall for a Spring start to coursework and each Spring for a Fall start. Sophomores and juniors with at least three semesters left and who can fit in all coursework are eligible.


    Applications to the Minor are open NOW for SPRING 2024! Please note that we have a GSLI application for the Minor in addition to the brief McCombs Minor application.

Minor Course Requirements

The GSLI Minor requires 17 hours of coursework. Students must maintain a 2.0 and take all courses on a letter-grade basis. All prerequisite requirements must be fulfilled before registering for any of these courses.

Required Courses (8 hours)

Complete 8 hours of core coursework:

  • ACC 378.7/BGS 370.5/FIN 337.3 Global Business Sustainability
  • ADV 324/PR324 Communicating Sustainability
  • FIN 134M Current Issues in Global Sustainability
  • FIN 164P Practicum 

Communication Elective (3 hours)

  • ADV 319 Psychology of Advertising
  • ADV 323/ PR 323 Public Communication of Science and Technology
  • ADV 336/ PR 336 Multicultural Issues in Advertising and Public Relations
  • ADV 378/ PR 378 Geo Health Equity and Climate Change
  • CLD 340 Communication for Civic Engagement
  • COM 308 Creative Communication of Scientific Research
  • CMS 340K Communication and Social Change
  • CMS 340M Social Media and Social Movement: Then and Now
  • CMS 362E Environmental Communication Organizational Transparency
  • J305 Reporting on the Environment

Business Elective (3 hours)

  • BGS 325 Social and Ethical Responsibility of Business
  • BGS 370 Behavioral Intervention Man/Policy Makers 
  • BGS 380 Behavioral Intervention Man/Policy Makers
  • BGS 372 Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility
  • BGS 275 Business/Politics in the Age of Inequality
  • OM 337 Sustainable Operations
  • FIN 372 Environmental, Social, and Governance Investing
  • LEB 370 Environmental Law
  • LEB 370 Social and Ethical Responsibilities of Business
  • MAN 366P Management Practicum: Social Entrepreneurship I
  • MAN 367P Social Entrepreneurship II
  • MAN 369P Social Innovation Practicum
  • ECO 359M Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Science Elective (3 hours)

  • EVE 302 Foundations of Environmental Engineering 
  • EVE 310 Sustainable Systems Engineering
  • ES 369N Sustainability Issues in Engineering
  • GEO 302C Climate: Past, Present, and Future
  • GEO 302E Earth, Wind, and Fire
  • GEO 302G Earth Science and Sustainability 
  • GEO 302J Crisis of Our Planet  
  • GEO 302P Sustaining a Planet 
  • GEO 303E Earth in 2100
  • GEO 305E Energy and the Environment 
  • GEO 371T The Science of Environmental Justice
  • MNS 307 Introduction to Oceanography  
  • MNS 308 Humans and a Changing Ocean
  • MNS 367 Marine Ecology


Students must apply for the program in their sophomore or junior year. Eligible students must show extracurricular excellence, submit a few short essays, and have at least a 2.0 GPA.



To learn more about the Leadership in Global Sustainability Minor, please email us at