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Sally Brinker

Director of Partnerships

  • MBA, The University of Texas 
  • BA, The University of Michigan

    • Ms. Brinker holds an B.A. from The University of Michigan in Economics and an M.B.A. from The University of Texas at Austin.  Early in her career,  she held operational roles across industries including retail, manufacturing and services.  In the 90s, she added consulting and interim leadership roles including C-Suite positions and Shared Services / Outsourcing.  The evolution of internal shared service shops to international outsourcing contracts in the 90s helped her build value-based partnership models.  She is drawn to working through disruptive situations such as new market entries, product launches and M&A migrations.  Before joining TEXAS Executive Education in 2017, Ms. Brinker worked at UT’s DellMed as Strategy Fellow leveraging a decade of work across the healthcare value chain.  She loves meeting new people and cherishes when she can be helpful - so her work with TEXAS Executive Education clients and TOWER Fellows has been thrilling to her.  She is first a wife and a mother to five kids (two biological and three bonus!) who are 19-28 years old, and she loves to swim and to travel as much as she can.