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Supply Chain Management Certificate

Question logistical challenges.

  • Certificate Overview

    The Supply Chain Management certificate provides you with the tools required to effectively shape and define the various components of value creation. Dive into the process and strategies behind acquiring, producing, and delivering goods and services, both domestically and globally.


  • Identify some of the major challenges in supply chain management, and answer the fundamental questions around the decision of insourcing versus outsourcing
  • Analyze planning and logistics procedures and improve the strategies you use for value creation
  • Connect the relationship between supply chain and other areas of the business, including marketing, finance, operations, engineering, logistics, inventory, and transportation

Certificate Requirements


  • 6 credits are required to complete the certificate. 
  • Participants must take all 6 of the core classes. Required classes are Supply Chain Logistics, Supply Chain Procurement, Supply Chain Operations, Negotiation and Collaborative Decision Making, Data Analytics, and Deision and Risk Analysis. 
  • Classes may be taken in any order, and participants have 3 years to complete the requirements

Course Formats

Courses are offered as a mix of in person and live online options. 

How To Enroll

This program does not require a separate registration. Every time you complete one of our courses, you'll earn credits towards one or more certificate. When you've earned enough credits you will automatically be awarded the appropriate certificate. You can always check your progress on our online participant portal.

Real-World Applications
Words alone cannot describe the learning experience that took place last week; awesome and thank you. The case studies were spot on and relevant tools that I will use in my work.
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Designed For

This certificate is appropriate for a variety of professionals across verticals. Whether you work for a global corporation or a small business, we can help.


  • Individuals working in logistics and supply chain teams who want to help their companies improve the performance of their supply chain
  • Leaders and executives without direct supply chain experience who want to improve their understanding of their own supply chain and how to manage a supply chain team
  • Reimbursement Options

    Learn more about course credits and options for course reimbursement. Get tips on the best way to approach your manager and download a customizable template to facilitate making the ask.


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