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  • Business Analytics Courses

    Business Analytics classes offer innovative resources and an introduction to the leading edge of big data and data analytics for both those who have little to no experience in data analysis, and those who are well-versed analysts. Learn from faculty from the McCombs School of Business, ranked #5 in Business Analytics by the Financial Engineer Times.
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Excellent. World class experience. For me, I wanted to increase my technical acumen. This course definitely exceeded my expectations.
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Data Analytics

Discover, analyze and forecast relationships among large data sets (“Big Data”).

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Predictive Analytics with Machine Learning and Data Mining

Across industries, routine decisions and competitive strategies increasingly rely on data-driven business intelligence.

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    How AI and Machine Learning Transform Business Decision-Making

    Learn how the game-changing technologies are being integrated into and often entirely transforming everyday business processes.
  • Creating a Common Language Around Workplace Ethics

    Fostering a solid culture of strong workplace ethics requires a shared lingo around how to behave ethically.
  • Why We Fail to Make Time for Innovation: 6 Leadership Blind Spots

    Six blind spots often inhibit forward progress in an organization. Are these barriers impacting yours?