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  • Strategy Courses

    Strategy classes at Texas Executive Education focus on developing the knowledge and thought processes necessary to make high-impact decisions within an organization. Learn how to create and execute strategies vital to company-wide operations with confidence through these classes that shape leadership capabilities, analytical tools and decision making expertise.
Challenged My Thinking
The classes at Texas Executive Education really challenged my thinking and equipped me with new approaches to assessing familiar issues and concepts. What was most useful was the expertise of the professors and the sharing of ideas amongst the attendees; which provided me with the ability to immediately apply the concepts being discussed to real workplace situations.
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Applied Innovation for National Security: Theory and Practice

The national security enterprise faces three significant obstacles to success. Learn about these obstacles and a model for addressing them, the Materiel Innovation Pipeline.

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Strategic Management

Enhance your ability to set and reach strategic and economic goals by equipping yourself with methods and frameworks proven to be successful.

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  • How Savvy Negotiators Use Communication Channels to their Advantage

    With many ways to communicate, different channels are suited for different kinds of messages.
  • Creating a Common Language Around Workplace Ethics

    Fostering a solid culture of strong workplace ethics requires a shared lingo around how to behave ethically.
  • Advocacy and Influence: Gaining Support for Your Ideas and Vision

    Great ideas don't sell themselves - they must be sold! Learn vital tactics to help you influence others and champion your ideas.