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  • Supply Chain Courses

    Supply Chain Management open enrollment classes provide tools and ideas that help shape the various components of value creation. Dive into the strategies behind acquiring, producing, and delivering goods and services domestically or globally. The faculty developing course material and running the courses hail from McCombs School of Business, ranked #4 in Supply Chain Management by Gartner.
Amazing Experience All Around
Among the program's many great features was access to the amazing McCombs School Faculty. While there were certainly concepts, frameworks and methods of analysis, it was not limited to academics.


Choosing, Evaluating, and Managing Your Supply Base

Insight into the various decisions required to create a robust supply network that will help your organization adjust to fluctuations in the marketplace.

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Supply Chain Design, Planning, and Control: Leveraging Logistics and Inventories for Competitive Advantage

Learn how to design, plan, and control supply chain networks to match supply with demand using logistics and inventory management strategies for competitive advantage.

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Supply Chain Strategy: Thriving in the Age of Disruptions

Understand the causes and effects of disruptions, learn how to build resiliency, and then use the resiliency to actually create competitive advantage.

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