Strategic Decision and Risk Management

The Strategic Decision and Risk Management Certificate provides you with the techniques to recognize risks from your stakeholders’ perspectives and generate better alternatives.

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Explore the foundations of decision quality and how to use a rigorous analytic framework to make better decisions in your personal and professional life.

Learn how to frame strategic choices, generate alternatives, develop credible forecasts, quantify uncertainty and judge the quality of a decision at the time it is made.

Understand the ways in which your mind, personality, and social structures can degrade your decision-making.

Achieve success by effectively diagnosing a decision situation, designing a clear approach, facilitating communication, and presenting compelling rationale to key stakeholders.

Create models that answer executives' questions, produce compelling analyses, and ultimately gain commitment.

Assemble concepts, tools, and skills for applying the DQ Framework in multi-party situations.

Improve strategic decision-making with enhanced forecasting methods and by leveraging scenarios to foster insight.