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Employer Support & Tuition Sponsorship

Win-win strategies to gain tuition support, mentorship, and flexible arrangements from your employer.

  • Gaining Employer Support for Your MBA

    Pursuing your degree while actively employed cultivates essential leadership skills and business acumen, propelling innovation within your company. Balancing work, school, and personal commitments can be a challenge and we are here to help! As you make your case to your employer for support, think broadly about what you need to succeed in your studies: Financial assistance to cover tuition and academic expenses, flexible work arrangements to attend classes and participate in experiential learning opportunities, or professional development coaching/mentorship programs.
Mastering the Employer Sponsorship Conversation - As told by Texas McCombs MBAs
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  • Securing Employer Support

    By securing employer support for your MBA program, financial barriers can be reduced, and unique opportunities unlocked. As Antonio Hung (MBA '24) shared, it “gave me the confidence to pursue a working professional MBA without compromising my career trajectory. It reinforced my commitment to my personal and professional growth while strengthening my alignment with the organization’s goals."

Step-by-Step Guide to Gaining Employer Support

Follow these best practices when requesting employer support: 

Do Your Research

Learn about existing tuition reimbursement policies and past instances of MBA support at your company. Be ready to identify key skills or knowledge you will gain that can be applied in your current role.

Make Your Case

Request time with your manager and/or other decision-makers to discuss support. If needed, start with your direct manager to garner internal support before formally requesting sponsorship. Use ROI messaging to share the specific benefits to you and your employer. Remember: Quantify when possible. Use this as an opportunity to discuss your leadership trajectory with your company and your career goals. 

Discuss Expectations

Address how you will manage your commitments during intense times at work or in the program. Anticipate likely concerns like being away from work and share how you will manage and highlight that you don’t take this commitment lightly. 

Ask Follow-Up Questions

Treat gaining support as an ongoing, two-way conversation with your employer. If they do not approve right away, find out what information or assurances are still needed. Ask when you can revisit the conversation, such as before the next fiscal year or when annual budget planning occurs.  

Continue the Conversation

Share classroom learnings and continually reinforce the value to your employer through connecting with experts outside your organization, applying learnings, taking on expanded responsibilities, etc. 


If your company cannot provide financial support, discuss other options like flexible work arrangements or temporarily increasing your PTO to ensure you can attend all the classes and extracurriculars you are interested in. You may also consider outside scholarships, private loans, or federal aid. Learn more about financing your MBA and contact our Financial Aid team to advise on these alternatives. 


We encourage all admitted students to initiate an employer support conversation. Our admissions staff would be happy to assist by providing information about the Texas McCombs MBA and its value for companies. 

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