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Check out our admissions process to make your application as strong as possible for our 10-month MS in IT & Management.

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Apply Yourself at Texas McCombs

The MSITM application is now open! Check out the application deadlines below. Applying early can help you plan for your future at Texas McCombs and prepare for graduate school.

Join the MSITM Family

MSITM Application Deadlines

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    Oct 11, 2023

  • Round 2 International Icon

    Jan 10, 2024

  • Round 3 Icon

    Mar 6, 2024

  • Round 4 icon
    May 1, 2024
  • Getting Started

    Review program prerequisites and suggested skillset to determine if you're on the right path for the MSITM degree:

    - Program requirements
    - Course preparation
    - Test your programming and SQL skills
    - Review current student profile
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  • Review the Application Process

    Ready to start your application to the MSITM program? View our step-by-step guide to ensure a successful application submission.
  • Calling all UT Students

    Our bridge program is designed to ensure a seamless transition from undergraduate studies to a variety of specialized master's graduate programs offered through the McCombs School of Business. Apply when you’re a junior and launch your career with a master’s – just one year after your senior year. Open to all UT Austin undergraduate majors and zero work experience required.
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    For Our International Students

    International students in F-1 immigration status who complete Texas McCombs MSITM, a STEM-eligible degree program, may qualify for an additional 24-month extension of STEM Optional Practical Training work authorization, following the initial 12-month period of OPT.

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MSITM Program Readiness

Before starting your application, check out the MSITM requirements and test your skills to ensure you're prepared for the graduate program. 

MSITM Program Requirements

The following are requirements specific to the MS Information Technology & Management program. Please contact an admissions officer for questions regarding the following information.

  • University coursework or professional experience in computer programming and database is required; major, minor, or certificate in Computer Science or Management Information Systems is preferred. See the next section for more information.

MSITM Program Prerequisites

For the MSITM program applicants should have a basic familiarity with object-oriented programming and database management. Those who have university coursework or professional experience in object-oriented programming and database management can view the information below to ensure it aligns. 

For UT Austin students, the following 3 courses offered by The University of Texas at Austin are excellent preparation for the MSITM Program.   

We also feel that any of the topics for CS 329E would also prepare students to succeed in our program:  

  • Elements of Data Visualization  
  • Elements of Mobile Computing 
  • Elements of Programming Languages 
  • Elements of Software Engineering 
  • Elements of Web Programming (optional)  

For non-UT Austin students, we recommend finding equivalent coursework at your university or college. Links above are for recent syllabi of courses. Students should review current course descriptions to see topics covered and determine equivalency at other institutions. 

Test Your Skills

The following HackerRank challenges allow you to assess your ability to solve logical problems using programming languages, as well as your knowledge of SQL. Feel free to use any programming language or version of SQL to solve the problems below. (Disclaimer: Successful completion of these challenges does not guarantee admission into the MSITM program. These challenges are not used in the application process. These challenges are provided to help you personally gauge whether you have the technical background to potentially be a good candidate for the MSITM program.) 



MSITM Student Profile

For further insight, we've listed a few characteristics of those who are currently in the MSITM program.

  • Passionate about innovating new solutions using technology
  • Wants to use tech to solve business and societal challenges
  • Enjoys creating and building things (particularly with tech)
  • Curious and resilient
  • Demonstrates use of tech skills to solve problems (e.g., in student orgs, personal projects, at work)
  • Engaged in extracurricular activities and community involvement, with details and achievements noted
  • Demonstrates collaboration or teamwork, leadership
    • Nominated for teamwork awards at work
    • Leader in student orgs
    • Starts new orgs or projects with friends that will have an impact on the community
  • Has experience using tech skills in a work setting
    • Internships or full-time work
Applicable Curriculum
This program gave me so many different skillsets that I never even had before. I got so much experience in coding, analytics, Excel... I have more experience in digital. I have experience in creative. I feel like it just gave me a really well-rounded experience.
Ruhi Deshmukh, MSM


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