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Health Informatics and Health Information Technology

The Health Informatics and Health Information Technology (HIHIT) Program at the McCombs School of Business aims to improve health through education and training, innovation, and research and discovery. HIHIT supports better care, value, and work life in healthcare and thereby better health by developing and implementing activities to improve key healthcare processes, and leading advances in health informatics and information technology.

education Programs

A hallmark of the HIHIT program is a nationally recognized Professional Education Program to prepare a data-capable 21st century workforce for careers in healthcare.
The program provides post-baccalaureate students with unique, hands-on training in health informatics and health information technology. New educational programming in healthcare cybersecurity and privacy is actively under development.

Custom Education & Consulting

Program faculty can offer customized education and consulting services to healthcare organizations on a wide range of health informatics and health IT topics.


The HIHIT program has public-private collaborations with more than 75 industry, healthcare, and governmental organizations. These relationships are essential to the program’s vision of transforming healthcare through information technology.


Faculty and faculty affiliates engage in innovation and collaborative research with a variety of partners within the university and the broader healthcare community.

Military Support

Students at Ft. Hood Army Career Skills Development program.

The program recently became a Ft. Hood Army Career Skills Development Program to deliver health informatics and health IT education to college-educated soldiers via distance education, with the goal of preparing them for civilian careers in Health IT.