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Two MBA students collaborate together

Meet Our Consulting Students

Many students pursue and secure consulting roles, often focused on general management or strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our students are in different stages of their careers, and many companies succeed in recruiting for entry-level and senior roles. To learn more, please contact our office.

What consulting skills do McCombs students learn?

Consulting students at McCombs study in-demand skills that address today’s business challenges.

What entry-level roles do your students look for?

Here are examples of entry-level roles (requiring 0-1 year of experience) our students get hired for:

  • Consulting Analyst
  • Consultant

What mid-level roles do your students look for?

Here are examples of mid-level roles (requiring 2-5 years of experience) our students get hired for:

  • Senior Consultant
  • Strategy Associate
  • Associate
  • Consulting Manager

What senior-level roles do your students look for?

Here are examples of senior-level roles (requiring 5-14 years of experience) our students get hired for:

  • Senior Associate
  • Consulting Manager
  • Director (if experienced in consulting)

What programs should I target for recruiting?

For entry-level roles, we recommend recruiting from the BBA, MPA, and MS (in business administration and marketing) programs.

For mid-level roles, we recommend the MBA, MPA, and MS (in business administration and marketing) programs.

For senior-level roles, we recommend the MBA programs, including our Executive and Working Professional MBAs.

Our Students are Prepared to Shape the Industry

In programs throughout the school, our students are studying with researchers to shape the industry and make an impact.

Consulting is in Our DNA

At Texas McCombs, over 20% of our undergraduate and graduate students take on a role in consulting post-graduation. The majority of consulting roles our students secure focus general management or strategy. With the broad coursework that our students experience in accounting, finance, management, economics, marketing and more, it lays a solid foundation to step into consulting roles and apply the education to the corporate world.

Our Students Learn Hands-On

Throughout our student's time at McCombs, they experience a variety of career support focused on consulting preparation. The offerings include alumni panels to highlight various firms, behavioral and case mock interviews, case competitions, micro-consulting projects with firms and networking with many consulting firms.

Our MBA Students Bring Hard-Won Experience

McCombs MBA students bring a wealth of experience prior to obtaining their degrees. Many have more than five years of work experience, and they go into consulting to share their industry expertise with multiple clients and broaden their industry knowledge.

Students work diligently to prepare for a career in consulting with student clubs and additional consulting firm engagements such as speaker series, alumni networking and office visits.

Do you want to recruit talented, career-ready students? Let’s talk.