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About the Center for Global Business

The University of Texas at Austin's Center for Global Business develops and supports internationalization within the McCombs School of Business, provides international business learning opportunities throughout the University, and serves as a change agent for internationalization of business education across the U.S. The Center fosters exchange programs for McCombs students, provides research and teaching programs for faculty members, designs international courses for the McCombs curriculum, and conducts outreach programs to businesses and academic institutions throughout the country.

To read stories that we think are useful to those in International business along with alumni and student stories and updates on UT, McCombs, our faculty, and the Center for obal Business, check out our blog Longhorn Global BizNet.

Alumni Spotlights

Alex Gabbi >

Alex Gabbi

Alex Gibbi

I received my undergraduate degree in International Business from the University of Texas in 1993. I later augmented my BBA with an MBA in Information Management. The international perspective afforded me through the programs offered by CIBER and my major prepared me for many of the endeavors I have pursued over the course of my career. For example, I was able to leverage my international perspectives in various start-ups that focused on international sales/exporting or had global supply chains...Read More

Tam Le

Tam Le

Meeting international students while studying abroad and traveling around Europe has given me an appreciation for so many cultures. Now I have the confidence and am able to easily connect with so many people from around the world.  Once I was back at UT, studying abroad led to me becoming involved in organizations that socialize with the international students, strengthening my connection to the UK and Europe. And because of a special study abroad scholarship I received from the US State Department, I had to intern at...Read More

Paul Witschey

Paul Witschey

I graduated with an International Business Major from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin in 1994. My studies at UT Austin, and in particular the learnings that I got out of the International Business program, acted as the first domino in a long “domino show” that has allowed me to propel an international management consulting career spanning 5 continents. I was encouraged me to apply to the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM); one of Europe’s top MBA Programs...Read More

Meet the Director

Director Mendez

Dr. Deirdre Mendez is Director for the Center for Global Business at The University of Texas at Austin and a member of the faculties of the McCombs departments of management and marketing. She teaches international business and management to undergraduates, MBA students, and executives. She holds a PhD in linguistics, and worked as a consultant to U.S. corporations developing international strategies for 20 years before coming to UT-Austin. Since returning to academia, she has been a leader in work at McCombs to develop resources that strengthen students’ and executives’ adaptability to the international context.

Dr. Mendez has developed an academic framework and training system to facilitate intercultural adaptability and problem solving. Her Cultural Analysis methodology is currently used at The University of Texas and other universities to teach international management and leadership courses and help students and executives adapt to new cultural environments.