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International Business Courses

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International Business Courses

International business courses are generally open to students from all majors with upper division standing. These will help you gain a global perspective during your time at UT. Remember to check the current course schedule for full details.

Open to all Upper Division Students

International Trade (IB 350): Learn about the principles, policies, and problems of the international trade, and apply class material to the country and company of your choice. Non-McCombs students register via EUS 348.2 cross-listing.

Global Regulatory Strategy (IB 362): Discover ways to manage a firm in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment. Explore how new technology is reshaping social norms, legal rules, and society itself in different ways throughout the world.

International Accounting and Transfer Pricing (IB 366): Discover how to price transactions between subsidiaries of multinational corporations buying and selling goods, services, intellectual property, and other assets in light of tax obligations and other considerations.

Global Value Chains (IB 368): Learn how firms organize international production, trade, and investments within global value chains across multiple countries through outsourcing and offshoring. Hear from industry experts who join the class to discuss real-world global value chain problems.

Global Entrepreneurship (IB 372.11):  Explore the practicalities of starting, managing and exiting a business in a global context. Learn how entrepreneurs analyze opportunity, create business plans, raise funds, compete in a global marketplace, and manage through crisis through practical experience and real-world examples.

Intercultural Management (IB 372.13): Acquire tools for understanding culture-based motives and priorities to achieve your goals on international teams, negotiations, and partnerships. Learn how the cultural patterns of world regions and countries affect corporate management.

Global Political Economy (BGS 374): Explore ways for firms to enhance their strategies in the global arena by engaging with international non-market actors such as foreign governments, regulators, political parties, NGOs, and the media. Discover the tools for crafting successful, integrated firm strategies in diverse institutional and political environments.

Open Depending on Your Major

Strategic Supply Chain Management (IB 367): Restricted to students in a business major. Management of manufacturing process technology in international competition.  Cross-listed as O M 367. Restricted to Business Majors.

International Finance (IB 376):  Explore the international financial environment, focusing particularly on factors affecting exchange rates and the way rate changes affect the firm. Prerequisite: FIN 357 or FIN 357H. Cross-listed. Restricted to Business Majors. Consent of instructor required.

Foundations of Int’l Business (IB 320F): Prerequisite: 45 semester hours of college coursework. May not be counted toward BBA degree Learn the fundamentals of international trade and the international economy and explore international dimensions of management, marketing, finance, and human resource management and the theoretical, institutional, and functional foundations of international business.