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The International Business Minor

Business has no borders and neither should your degree. Add international business skills to your BBA degree - travel optional!

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    Student can apply to the IB minor by completing a brief form via the Registrar's Office. Applications are non-competitive, but should be completed by March 1st/October 1st to ensure processing in time for early registration.
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    IB Minors complete IB 350 (or its equivalent) along with 12 hours of IB electives. 3 hours of electives can be satisfied through a class taken as part a study abroad program
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    The IB minor is open to all undergraduates in good standing at The University of Texas at Austin, but please note that students can generally only pursue one minor. Talk to an advisor if you have any questions!
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    Students pursing an IB minor are able to take advantage of individualized career coaching from Center staff, as well as the CGB Mentorship Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

The International Business minor is very flexible, allowing for courses to be taken in any order and encouraging - but not requiring - an international experience.

Why should I pursue an IB minor?

The IB minor provides students with an understanding of how traditional business operations change when they cross borders.  It is designed as a complement to BBA majors as it builds on the McCombs core subjects, but it is open to students across UT.

Who can I talk to about the IB minor?

Students interested in the IB minor or any other IB options can make an appointment to meet with the Global Readiness advisor anytime.

Schedule an Appointment

How do I apply for the IB minor?

Applying to the International Business minor is easy – the process is not competitive and just requires a brief form.  To apply:

  1. Go to the Registrar Document Submission page for minors.
  2. Enter your EID where indicated, and select "International Business" from the "Field of Study" menu
  3. Click Next to proceed.
  4. Select "International Business" from the "Type" menu.
  5. Confirm your choice and submit the application.


Note:  You will receive notification as soon as your application has been processed, at which time you will need to contact your academic advisor and inform them you would like your minor tied to your degree profile.

What is the deadline to apply to the IB minor?

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but should be completed by March 1st to ensure processing in time for Early Fall Registration and by October 1st to ensure processing in time for Early Spring Registration.


What classes do I have to take as an IB minor?

Students in the IB minor are required to complete International Trade (IB 350 or its equivalent) plus 12 hours of international business elective coursework.  Up to 3 hours of non-IB coursework taken as part of study abroad program may be used in lieu of 3 IB elective hours.

More Info on IB Electives

What’s the difference between the IB minor and the Global Management minor?

The IB minor builds on traditional business skills, so it works best for BBA majors.  An international experience is also not required for the IB minor (whereas it is required for the Global Management minor).  Students outside of McCombs are encouraged to also consider the Global Management minor, which builds organically on the skills learned in majors like International Relations, Economics, and Communications.

More About the GM Minor


Do you have questions about your options?  Talk to an advisor today.