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The Information, Risk & Operations Management Department houses three undergraduate concentrations: Management Information Systems (MIS), Supply Chain Management (SCM), and Science and Technology Management.  Students can major and minor in MIS or  SCM, minor in Business Analytics (BAX), or can major in Science and Technology Management (STM).  To find out more about our undergraduate concentrations, visit our BBA Degree page. You can also find out more about Student Organizations available to IROM majors.  Questions about our Undergraduate majors and minors can be directed to the Texas BBA.

The IROM department offers the Risk Management Certificate for both business and non-business majors who expect to be in a management position, including entrepreneurs.  Examples include all Business majors who plan to pursue an entry-level job in supply chain, finance, manufacturing, insurance, management information systems, marketing or other business functions. Non-business majors can be students in liberal arts, economics, actuarial science, petroleum engineering, retailing, communications, health care or students from any other discipline who want to understand the impact of risk and the management of risk for their future employer. 

The IROM Department also houses four graduate concentrations: Information Systems (IS), Supply Chain and Operations Management (SCOM), Decision Science, and Statistics, and offers a PhD with an average of 30 doctoral students.  To learn more about our Doctoral program, or to apply, visit PhD Information.  You can also view a directory of our current PhD students.  Questions about our Doctoral program can be directed to IROM PhD Admissions.

IROM Student Orgs

The Management of Information Systems Association (MISA) at McCombs School of Business is a collection of students interested in careers relating to Information Technology. We connect MIS students at McCombs with other like-minded individuals, and we host networking events to provide McCombs students with exposure to MIS recruiters.

Supply Chain Management Student Organization