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Study abroad student gives hook em horns in Prague


Global readiness is about getting you the skills you need to engage in business across borders and enhancing your adaptability to respond to new business demands.


  • Forbes Human Resources Council

    Top Skills Employers Want

    Each year, the Forbes Human Resources Council lists the Top 10 Skills Employers Look For. Their most recent lists includes "global readiness" skills like resilience & curiosity, comfort with ambiguity, and the drive for continuous learning. Engaging with international business concepts while at UT helps build these skills.
  • NACE logo

    Career Readiness Means Global Readiness

    The National Association of Colleges and Employers explicitly includes global readiness in its definition of career readiness, as the ability to demonstrate "openness, inclusiveness, sensitivity, and the ability to interact respectfully with all people and [to] understand individuals’ differences."
  • Indeed Logo (Square)

    Indeed, Adaptability is Key

    No employee will know all the answers all the time, but how will they manage when they are forced to adapt? Employers need people who have cultivated adaptability by engaging different perspectives, thinking critically, and communicating effectively. Practice viewing things through different perspectives hone these skills.


Curious about what a future in international business can look like?  And how you can use your time at UT to get you there?  Interested in launching your career abroad?


The increasingly global context in which business now operates requires multi-faceted skills to succeed:


  • Cross-cultural teamwork is increasingly the norm.
  • Customer service has no borders, and clients can come from anywhere.
  • Supply chains are increasingly subject to global disruption.
  • Global regulatory systems require a broad, interdisciplinary perspective to navigate.


Prepare for these realities by making the most of your time at UT.  Explore ways to do that below, and get ready for whatever and wherever the world throws at you.

Add International Business to Your Studies

Whether it's just a class, a minor, or a full on major, adding international business to your course of study will help you prepare for your professional future no matter where it takes you.

IB Courses | Global Management Minor | IB Minor | IB Major

CGB Events and Insights

CGB brings global leaders to your screen as they discuss challenges of today and insight into possible tomorrows, provoking conversation among students, policy experts, and business executives.

Thought Leadership

Business Language Preparation

These cultural interviews with international executives help with language study and understanding how business works in countries around the world.

Discover More

International Education Week

Texas Global organizes this celebration of international education and exchange throughout the world each November.

Learn More

International Business Students Association

Open to all UT students, this student organization is committed to learning about foreign business practices, culture, and customs to understand our international economy more fully. 

Learn More

UT PALS Partnerships to Advance Language Study

PALS is a campus organization that emphasizes one-to-one interactions between international and American students interested in teaching or learning another language.

Learn More

Planet Longhorn

Planet Longhorn is a UT student-run organization with a mission to enhance the exchange experience of international students. Make friends from around the world!

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UT Global Explorer Map

Curious about where other UT students are in the world right now?  Check out Texas Global's interactive map of Texas Around the World, reflecting country specific UT Connections and activities.

Texas Around the World


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