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National Security & International Business MInor

Prepare for the decades to come.


    Student can apply to the NSIB minor by completing a brief form via the Registrar's Office. Applications are non-competitive, but should be completed by March 1st/October 1st to ensure processing in time for early registration.
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    NSIB students complete interdisciplinary coursework in national and international security, as well as international business and supply chains. More information is available on the Clements Center website.
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    The NSIB minor is open to all undergraduates in good standing at the university, but please note that admission requirements may develop over time, so here for updates before applying.





Who can I talk to about the NSIB Minor?

The NSIB minor is managed collaboratively by the Clements Center for National Security and the Center for Global Business.  Students generally interested in international business minors should meet with CGB to discuss their options.  Students interested specifically in the NSIB minor should meet directly with the Clements Center to discuss suitability and prospective career options.

Why should I pursue an NSIB minor?

The NSIB minor explores the strong and enduring relationship between private business and national/international security, and how foreign forces that threaten U.S. national security also damage U.S. business activity, domestically and internationally. It is an excellent complement to students looking to go into either business or policy sectors.

How do I apply to the NSIB minor?

Applying to the NSIB minor is easy – the process is not competitive and just requires a brief form.  To apply:

Step 1: Visit the Registrar Document Submission page for minors to start an application.

Step 2: Enter your EID.

Step 3: From the “Field of Study” menu, choose “Business Administration.”

Step 4: From the “Type” menu, choose “National Security.”

Step 5: Confirm your choice and submit the application.


Important: Once admitted, you must contact your academic advisor to have the minor or certificate attached to your degree profile. The credential cannot be awarded to you when you graduate if it has not been added to your degree profile.

What classes do I have to take to complete an NSIB minor?

Students in the NSIB minor complete:

  • International Security (GOV 360D) - offered once per year
  • International Trade (IB 350) - offered both fall and spring semesters
  • Global Value Chains (IB 368) - offered fall only
  • Global Political Economy (BGS 374) - offered fall only
  • 3 hours of approved upper division coursework in national security


The currently approved national security coursework includes:

  • EUS 348/GOV 365V: The Comprehensive Notion of European Security
  • HIS 364G - Topic 15: United States Military History
  • HIS 364G - Topic 22: The United States, Britain, and Global Order
  • HIS 376F - The United States and the Second World War
  • LA 325/PA 325 - Topic: Intelligence and National Security Decision-Making
  • TC 358 - Topic: Intelligence and Statecraft (restricted to Plan II students)


Students may also complete an approved internship in lieu of completing the 3 hours of coursework in national security (see below).

Can an Internship be used in place of one of the required courses?

A pre-approved internship in national security of at least 5 weeks may be used in place of International Trade (IB 350), Global Value Chains (IB 368), or the national security elective.  Interested students should contact the Clements Center for more information


Do you have questions about your options?  Talk to an advisor today.