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Entrepreneurship Minor Students

Current Students

The Entrepreneurship Minor is the curricular focus of the Harkey Institute. Students from across the Forty Acres develop their entrepreneurial skills in a diverse, interdisciplinary environment helping them become innovative leaders.

Minor Roadmap

  • Undergraduate Mentor Program

    Meet with our mentors to get your entrepreneurial questions answered.
  • Academic Advising

    Get some expert guidance from our Entrepreneurship Minor advising team.
  • Experiential Learning

    Our program emphasizes experiential learning. You'll get to know what it’s like to start a new company, develop a new product or work at a startup company.

Check out the official minor requirements, including approved course lists.

Advising & Registration FAQs

When can I officially add the Entrepreneurship Minor to my degree plan?

After completing the application through the universities Minor/Certificate Inventory website and asking your major advisor to officially attach the minor to your degree, you will see the minor officially attached the following long term semester.

Can I speed up to process to officially attach the Entrepreneurship Minor?

No, all students will have to wait until the following semester to officially attach the Entrepreneurship Minor to your degree plan after completing the necessary steps. If you are a graduating senior and have received permission to add the Entrepreneurship Minor, you will need to email with your request.

Can I have the MAN 327 and MAN 327E restriction waived?

No, all students are required to take MAN 327 as a pre-requisite for MAN 327E. If you will be completing the Entrepreneurship Minor in your final semester you can email to request a MAN 327 and MAN327E waiver for graduating seniors.

Why can't I register for MAN 327, MAN 327E, or MAN 347P?

All students are required to meet pre-requisites listed here. You are required to have the Entrepreneurship Minor officially attached to your degree profile in order to enroll. If you were recently admitted the minor will not show up on your degree plan until the following semester.

Can I take MAN 327, MAN 327E or MAN 347P without having my minor declared?

No, restrictions for MAN 327, MAN 327E and MAN 347P are required for all students due to capacity limits. We currently have 900 students pursuing the Entrepreneurship Minor.  The only exceptions is for Management majors. You can attempt to add the class during the add/drop period. Restrictions will be removed during the add/drop period closer to when classes start. This means the seats will become available to all undergraduate students closer to the beginning of the semester. Please make an alternative plan in case you are not able to add your preferred class as seats are in high demand.

How can I get into other Entrepreneurship Minor classes?

You will need to meet the restrictions required by the department offering the course. We do not have access to add you to any class.

What are other entrepreneurship resources available to me?

You can check the Entrepreneurship Minor canvas for resources here, visit the HKEC UT Startup Ecosystem or check the UT’s entrepreneurship wide research database called The Navigator here.

I just added the Entrepreneurship Minor, what's next?

You can now begin taking classes that you meet the pre-requisites for. Note, admittance into the Entrepreneurship Minor does not guarantee seats on the approved Entrepreneurship Minor list.

Why isn't my entrepreneurship class not showing up on my degree audit?

Make sure your entrepreneurship class number and title is on the approved Entrepreneurship Minor list. If you are taking a class on the approved Entrepreneurship Minor list, email requesting an override. Sometimes approved classes are not on the list if the department changes the number or title. You can email with the course number and title and ask if the class meets an Entrepreneurship Minor requirement. Any class that has not been approved by the Entrepreneurship Minor Faculty Committee will not count towards your Entrepreneurship Minor.

How can I check the progress of my Entrepreneurship Minor?

You can run a interactive degree audit here.

Can I substitute my class for MAN 327 or MAN327E?

No. MAN 327 and MAN 327E are fundamental classes required for all Entrepreneurship Minor and the curriculum is uniquely created by McCombs professors and our Entrepreneurship faculty committees.

Can I petition to have a non-UT entrepreneurship class count?

If you would like to have your non-UT class considered for the Entrepreneurship Minor please make sure the following steps are taken care of before emailing

1. The class has transferred as an upper-division 3 hour class on your University of Texas transcript. You can check your degree audit to confirm this step.

2. Find/upload a virtual copy of the syllabus.

3. Email the with the syllabus and make your petition request.

4. Fill out the form provided by the Entrepreneurship Minor office and return it completed with the syllabus.

5. A response will be shared within 3-5 weeks.

Can Management Majors pursue the Entrepreneurship Minor?

No, however you are welcome to pursue the Management major Entrepreneurship track. You can meet with your major advisor to learn more about that degree plan.

How many minor classes can overlap with my major?

Maximum of 6 Entrepreneurship Minor hours can overlap with your major.

Entrepreneurship Minor Students in Class
  • Women in Entrepreneurship

    The first of its kind, the Women in Entrepreneurship (WiE) specialization is a partnership between the McCombs Entrepreneurship Minor and the Kendra Scott Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute.