Strategic Management

LOCSP|Leading Organizational Change and Strategic Planning

Enhance your ability to set strategic and economic goals by equipping yourself with methods to increase the analytical capabilities of your team and staff.


This class offers a solid foundation in strategic thinking and strategic analysis by examining how to employ the tools and techniques of strategic analysis. The class prepares you to think and analyze strategically while enhancing your ability to set strategic objectives and think on a broader scale.

  • Industry and Firm Strategies
  • Michael Porter’s Five Forces
  • Michael Porter’s Business Unit Strategies
  • Michael Porter’s Combined Industry Forces and Business Units
  • Product Strategies
  • BCG’s Growth-Share Matrix
  • The Customer Development Model
  • Product Life Cycles Clayton
  • Christensen’s Innovator’s Dilemma
  • McKinsey’s Value Triangle
  • Learn how the various tools and techniques of strategic analysis are employed
  • Appreciate the economic drivers that affect strategy
  • Enhance strategic capabilities of your staff and line managers
  • Recognize the economic forces that underlie successful strategic actions
  • Identify the strategic forces affecting your area of business
  • Learn how to perceive products, processes, firms and industries in a strategic manner
  • Understand the strategy implementation process
  • Learn how to think strategically

John Doggett, JD, MBA, Senior Lecturer, Department of Management
Rob Adams, Ph.D., Lecturer, Department of Management

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Price: $2,950.00