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World-renowned faculty, unparalleled resources, individualized mentoring combine to produce graduates who are highly sought by the best academic institutions, research centers, and enterprises across the world.

We prepare you to become an intellectual leader. The primary goal of the Texas McCombs Ph.D. program is to prepare students for exceptional academic careers. Over the last five years, McCombs alumni in the following disciplines have gone on to excel at:


Abhi Ramchandani 2023 University of Hawai'i
Anthony Welsch 2023 University of Chicago - Booth
Laura Kettell 2023 University of Colorado at Boulder
Cassie Mangold 2022 FASB (post doc); University of Illinois (2023)
Jesse Chan 2022 Boston University
Ryan Hess 2021 Stanford University (post doc); Oklahoma State University
Ryan Ballestero 2021 Kent State University
Dan Rimkus 2021 University of Florida
Shannon Garavaglia 2020 FASB (post doc); University of Pittsburgh
Jakob Infuehr 2019 University of Southern Denmark
Antonis Kartapanis 2019 Texas A&M University
Kristen Valentine 2019 University of Georgia
Colin Koutney 2018 George Mason University
Zheng Leitter 2018 Nanyang Technological University
Brian Monsen 2018 The Ohio State University
Xinyu Zhang 2018 Cornell University
Jeanmarie Lord 2017 University of Montana
Ben Van Landuyt 2017 University of Arizona
Shannon Chen 2017 University of Arizona
Prasart Jongjaroenkamol 2017 Singapore Management University
Ying Huang 2017 University of Texas - Dallas
Daehyun Kim 2016 University of Toronto
Kathleen Powers 2016 University of Tennessee
Christopher Yust 2016 Texas A&M University


Alex Priest 2023 University of Rochester
Iman Dolatabadi 2022 Cornerstone Research
Tim Park 2022 Analysis Group
Jonathan Serrano 2022 Brex
David Xiaoyu Xu 2022 Southern Methodist University
Lee Seltzer 2021 Federal Reserve Bank of New York City
Jangwoo Lee 2021 Chinese University of Hong Kong
Xuewei (Erica) Jiang 2020 University of Southern California
Garrett Schaller 2020 Colorado State University
Gregory Weitzner 2020 McGill University
Xiang Kang 2020 JP Morgan Chase
Shuo Liu 2019 City University of Hong Kong
Amin Shams Moorkani 2019 Ohio State University
Avishai Schiff 2019 Cornerstone Research
Jacelly Cespedes 2018 University of Minnesota
Qifei Zhu 2018 Nanyang Technological University
Zack Liu 2017 University of Houston
Adam Winegar 2017 Norwegian Business School
Sophia Yue Sun 2017 AQR Capital Management
Parth Venkat 2017 Securities and Exchange Commission
Mark Jansen 2016 University of Utah
Carlos Parra 2016 ITAM
Ben Miao Zhang 2016 University of Southern California


Hale Erkan 2023 Arizona State University
Wanxue Dong 2023 The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Zijian (Jacob) Zeng 2022 Clinical Assistant Professor, UNC Chapel Hill 
Jingyao Huang 2022 Assistant Professor, University of Missouri-Kansas City
Paola Martin 2022 Assistant Professor, Indiana University, Kelley School of Business 
Vasundhara 2022 Assistant Professor, Indian School of Business
Haoyuan Liu 2022 Assistant Professor, Nanyang Technological University 
Alek Dimitriev  2022 Google, Software Engineer 
Rohit Arora 2022 Qontigo, Quant Researcher
Junjie "Henry" Qian 2021 ByteDance
Cenying "Tracy" Yang 2021 City University of Hong Kong
Tan Wang  2021 Expedia Group, Machine Learning Scientist
Aditya Karanam 2021 National University of Singapore
Paul Cronin 2020 Lead Data Analyst, The Home Depot
Parshuram Hotkar 2020 Assistant Professor, Indian School of Business
Haris Krijestorac 2020 Assistant Professor, HEC Paris
Xiaofan Li 2020 Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
Yixuan Liu 2020 Assistant Professor, Purdue University
Quan Zhang 2020 Assistant Professor, Michigan State University
Yuxin Zhang 2020 Assistant Professor, Wayne State University
Jared Fisher 2019 Postdoc, University of California, Berkeley
Sebastian Souyris 2019 Postdoc, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Long Zhao 2019 Assistant Professor, Department of Analytics and Operations, National University of Singapore
Shi Ying Lim 2018 Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
Vishwakant Malladi 2018 Assistant Professor, Indian School of Business
Chinmoy Mohapatra 2018 Operations Research and Analytics, BNSF Railways
David Puelz 2018 Postdoc, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
Abhishek Roy 2018 Assistant Professor, Temple University
Changseung Yoo 2018 Assistant Professor, McGill University
Emre Yucel 2018 Data Insights Analyst, HomeAway
Samuel Blazek  2017 Two Six Technologies, Director of Research & Development
Yanzhen Chen 2017 Assistant Professor, HKUST
Gorkem Turgut "G.T." Ozer 2017 University of Maryland, College Park


Temitope Oladimeji 2023 University of Massachusetts - Amherst
Wonbin Sohn 2023 University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Kinde Wubneh 2022 Northeastern University
Ed Shardlow 2022 West Virginia University
Eugene Pyun 2022 Fordham University
Jake Jo 2021 Emory University
Sae Lee 2020 China Europe International Business School
Andrea C. Marquez 2020 University of Texas, San Antonio
Benjamin Dow 2019 Washington University
Natalie Longmire 2019 Tulane University
Julie Sharek 2019 University of Central Florida
Santosh Srinivas 2019 HEC Paris
Wei Yang 2019 George Mason University
Suho Han 2018 Syracuse University
Niranjan Janardhanan 2018 London School of Economics
Seung-Hwan Jeong 2018 Georgia State University
Yurianna Kimmons 2018 Oklahoma State University
Christina Kyprianou 2016 Clemson University


Andreas Kraft 2023 University of Chicago - Booth
Max Alberhasky 2023 California State University - Long Beach
Tushmit Hasan 2023 Indiana University Bloomington (Visiting)
Tito Luciano Hermes Grillo  2022 University of Alberta
Gunes Bilisiler 2021 Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey
Jianqing Zheng 2021 Facebook
Xinying Hao 2019 University of Arizona
Nandini Romani 2019 Texas A&M University
Jerry Jisang Han 2018 University of Technology Sydney
Zhuping Liu 2016 Baruch College, City University of New York
Niket K. Jindal 2015 Kelley School of Business Indiana University
Richard Schaefer 2015 Rutgers University
Szu-chi Huang 2013 Stanford University


The Texas McCombs Doctoral Program is seeking individuals who are interested in transforming the global marketplace. Are you one of these future thought leaders?