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Spotlight Publications

The faculty and doctoral students publish regularly in some of the top academic journals around the globe. Here are some spotlight publications, by department.


The Effect of a Warning on Investors' Reactions to Disclosure Readability. 
Review of Accounting Studies, forthcoming 2022
Lisa Koonce, Zheng Leitter (PhD 2018), and Brian White

The Need to Validate Exogenous Shocks: Shareholder Derivative Litigation, Universal Demand Laws and Firm Behavior. 
Journal of Accounting and Economics, 2021
Dain Donelson, Laura Kettell (expected 2023), John McInnis, and Sara Toynbee

Measuring Accounting Fraud and Irregularities Using Public and Private Enforcement. 
The Accounting Review, 2021
Dain Donelson, Antonis Kartapanis (PhD 2019), and John McInnis

Working Longer but Not Harder: The Effects of Incentivizing Inputs versus Outputs in a Heterogeneous Workforce (with E.W. Chan and X. Zhang)
The Accounting Review, 2021
Eric Chan, Steve Kachelmeier, and Xinyu Zhang (PhD 2018)

The Disclaimer Effect of Disclosing Critical Audit Matters in the Auditor's Report.
Contemporary Accounting Research, 2020
Steven Kachelmeier, Dan Rimkus (PhD 2021), Jaime Schmidt, and Kristen Valentine (PhD 2019)


Reputation and Investor Activism: A Structural Approach
Journal of Financial Economics, 2021
Travis Johnson and Nathan Swem (Ph.D. ’16)

Is Bitcoin Really Un-Tethered?
The Journal of Finance, 2020
John Griffin and Amin Shams (Ph.D. ’19)

Government Debt and Corporate Leverage: International Evidence
Journal of Financial Economics, 2019
Irem Demirci (Ph.D. ’13), Jennifer Huang, and Clemens Sialm

The Geography of Financial Misconduct
Journal of Finance, 2018 
Christopher Parsons (Ph.D. ’07), Johan Sulaeman (Ph.D. ’08), and Sheridan Titman

Commonality in Liquidity:A Demand-Side Explanation
Review of Financial Studies, 2016
Andrew Koch (Ph.D ’11), Stefan Ruenzi, and Laura Starks


Vaccine Procurement Contracts for Developing Countries
Production and Operations Management (2020), 29(11), pp. 2601-2620
Martin P., Gupta, D. and Natarajan, K.V.

A Model of Fake Data in Data-Driven Analysis
Journal of Machine Learning Research (2020), 21(3), 1-26
Li, X. & Whinston, A.B.

Referral Timing and Fundraising Success in Crowdfunding
Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (2020), Articles in Advance, pp. 1-19
Burtch, Gupta, and Martin

Cost-Accuracy Aware Adaptive Labeling for Active Learning
Thirty-fourth AAAI conference on artificial intelligence (2020).
Gao, R., Saar-Tsechansky, M.

Human-AI Collaboration with Bandit Feedback
To Appear at IJCAI 2021.
Ruijiang Gao, Maytal Saar-Tsechansky, Ligong Han, Maria De-Arteaga, Matthew Lease, Min Kyung Lee


When is it Good to be Bad? Contrasting Effects of Multiple Reputations for Bad Behavior on Media Coverage of Serious Organizational Errors
Academy of Management Journal, 2020
David Chandler (Ph.D. ’11), Francisco Polidoro, and Wei Yang (Ph.D. ’19)

Path-dependent Routines in the Evaluation of Novelty: The Effects of Innovators’ New Knowledge Use on Brokerage Firms’ Coverage
Administrative Science Quarterly , 2018
Matt Theeke (Ph.D. ’12), Francisco Polidoro, and James W. Fredrickson

Seeing Their Side Versus Feeling Their Pain: Differential Consequences of Perspective-Taking and Empathy at Work
Journal of Applied Psychology , 2018
Natalie H. Longmire (Ph.D. ‘19) and David A. Harrison

The Value of Voice to Managers: Employee Identification and the Content of Voice
Academy of Management Journal, 2017
Ethan R. Burris, Kevin W. Rockmann, and Yurianna S. Kimmons (Ph.D. ’18)

Glass Breaking, Strategy Making, and Value Creating: Meta-Analytic Outcomes of Women as CEOs and TMT Members
Academy of Management Journal, 2017
Seung-Hwan Jeong (Ph.D. ’18) and David A. Harrison


Ask and You Shall (Not) Receive: Close Friends Prioritize Relational Signaling Over Recipient Preferences in Their Gift Choices
Journal of Marketing Research, 2016
Morgan Ward (Ph.D. ’10) and Susan Broniarczyk

Advertising Effectiveness: The Moderating Effect of Firm Strategy
Journal of Marketing Research, 2016
Leigh McAlister, Raji Srinivasan, Niket Jindal (Ph.D. ’15), and Albert Cannella

Eating Healthy or Feeling Empty? How the “Healthy = Less Filling” Intuition Influences Satiety
Journal of the Association of Consumer Research, 2016
Jacob Suher (Ph.D. ’16), Raj Raghunathan, and Wayne Hoyer

Values That Shape Marketing Decisions: Influence of Chief Executive Officers’ Political Ideologies on Innovation Propensity, Shareholder Value, and Risk
Journal of Marketing Research, 2017
Saim Kashmiri (Ph.D. ’12) and Vijay Mahajan


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