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Our Vision

Effective energy management is one of the most critical challenges facing the world today. Over the last century, developed economies have grown accustomed to readily available energy at reasonable cost, but the increasingly rapid growth of the world’s emerging economies will test the limits of this abundance. Now more than ever, new business strategies and technology solutions are needed to ensure that countries around the world have access to reliable energy at predictable prices with minimal environmental impact. The McCombs Energy Initiative was founded to find new and innovative ways to meet this demand in a responsible, effective manner.

By encouraging professional collaboration, promoting honest debate and offering educational resources to the leaders of tomorrow, the McCombs Energy Initiative is working toward a better, brighter, and more efficient future for energy consumers around the world.

The mission of the McCombs Energy Initiative is to provide a way for UT Alumni to connect with the University, McCombs and peers in the energy industry to exchange ideas and encourage current students interested in careers in the energy industry. In addition, we will serve as a base for similar initiatives across the Forty Acres an umbrella organization: UT Energy Initiative. In doing this we will connect alums and students from every college with a passion for the energy industry and help influence the energy leaders of the future.


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