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Francisco Polidoro

Associate Professor

Department: Management

Additional Titles: College of Business Administration Foundation Advisory Council Centennial Fellow
PhD Advisor

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CBA 4.230

Francisco Polidoro and Wei Yang. Corporate Investment Relationships and the Search for Innovations: An Examination of Startups’ Search Shift Toward Incumbents. Organization Science, forthcoming.
Curba Morris Lampert, Minyoung Kim, and Francisco Polidoro. 2020. Branching and Anchoring: Complementary Asset Configurations in Conditions of Knightian Uncertainty. Academy of Management Review 45(4), 847-868.
Francisco Polidoro. 2020. Knowledge, Routines, and Cognitive Effects in Nonmarket Selection Environments: An Examination of the Regulatory Review of Innovations. Strategic Management Journal 41(13), 2400-2435.
David Chandler, Francisco Polidoro, and Wei Yang. 2020. When is it Good to be Bad? Contrasting Effects of Multiple Reputations for Bad Behavior on Media Coverage of Serious Organizational Errors. Academy of Management Journal 63(4), 1236-1265.
Francisco Polidoro and Wei Yang. 2019. Venture Growth and Multi-Homing Expansion: Evidence from Open Source Platform Complementors. DOI: 10.5465/AMBPP.2019.128. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings 2019(1).
Matt Theeke, Francisco Polidoro, and James W. Fredrickson. 2018. Path-dependent Routines in the Evaluation of Novelty: The Effects of Innovators’ New Knowledge Use on Brokerage Firms’ Coverage. Administrative Science Quarterly 63(4), 910-942.
Francisco Polidoro and Wei Yang. 2016. Stock Market Responses to Firms’ Greening Strategies in the Face of Climate Change, in Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings,
Francisco Polidoro. 2016. Why Organizations Forget What They Learn from Failures. Harvard Business Review Feb. 29.
Pamela R. Haunschild, Francisco Polidoro, and David Chandler. 2015. Organizational Oscillation Between Learning and Forgetting: The Dual Role of Serious Errors. Organization Science 26(6), 1682-1701.
PK Toh and Francisco Polidoro. 2013. A Competition-Based Explanation of Collaborative Invention with the Firm. Strategic Management Journal 34(10), 1186-1208.
Francisco Polidoro. 2013. The Competitive Implications of Certifications: The Effects of Scientific and Regulatory Certifications on Entries into New Technical Fields. Academy of Management Journal 56(2), 597-627.
Francisco Polidoro and Matt T Theeke. 2012. Getting Competition Down to a Science: The Effects of Technological Competition on Firms' Scientific Publications. Organization Science 23(4), 1135-1153.
Matt T Theeke, Francisco Polidoro, and James W. Fredrickson. 2012. The Influence of a Firm's Approach to Innovation on its Ability to Attract Analyst Coverage, in Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings,
Francisco Polidoro and PK Toh. 2011. Letting Rivals Come Close or Warding Them Off? The effects of Substitution Threat on Imitation Deterrence. Academy of Management Journal 54(2), 369-392.
Francisco Polidoro and Matt T Theeke. 2011. When Knowledge Walks Out the Door: A Longitudinal Examination of Inventors' Mobility Across Firms. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.
Francisco Polidoro, Gautam Ahuja, and Will Mitchell. 2011. When the Social Structure Overshadows Competitive Incentives: The Effects of Network Embeddedness on Joint Venture Dissolution. Academy of Management Journal 54(2), 369-392.
Gautam Ahuja, Francisco Polidoro, and Will Mitchell. 2009. Structural homophily or social asymmetry? The formation of alliances by poorly embedded firms. Strategic Management Journal 30, 941-958.
Francisco Polidoro and Matt Theeke. 2009. Technological competition and knowledge disclosure: A study of firms' scientific publications. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings.
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Academic Leadership and Awards
Professional Awards
Organization Science Editorial Board Best Reviewer Award2016
Recipient Best Proposal Award, Cooperative Strategies Interest Group, Strategic Management Society2015
Nominee Best Conference Paper Awards (two awards), Strategic Management Society2015
Department Nominee for Research Excellence Award for Assistant Professors2013
Department Nominee for Research Excellence Award for Assistant Professors2012
Organization Science Editorial Board Best Reviewer Award2012
Academy of Management Review Editorial Board Outstanding Reviewer Award2012
Best Paper Award, Academy of Management, Technology and Innovations Management Division2011
Academy of Management Journal Editorial Board Outstanding Reviewer Award2011
Department Nominee for Research Excellence Award for Assistant Professors2011
Nominee for Best Implications for Practice Award, Annual Conference of the Strategic Management Society 2010
Department Nominee for Research Excellence Award2010
Best Reviewer Award. Academy of Management, Technology and Innovation Management Division2008
Likert Award for Best Paper Based on a Dissertation in Organizational Studies. Univ. of Michigan 2008
Best Dissertation Award from the Academy of Management, Technology and Innovation Management Division2007
Thomas William Leabo Memorial Award for doctoral coursework excellence2003
Outstanding Reviewer Awards. Academy of Management, Business Policy and Strategy Division, 2008, 2007, 2005, 2004
ABCD (Best Reviewer) Awards. Academy of Management, Organization and Management Theory Division 2007, 2005
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Teaching Awards
Department Nominee for Trammell/CBA Foundation Teaching Award for Assistant Professors2009
Honors Business Association Professor of the Year Award Nominee2007
Gerald and Lillian Dykstra Fellowship for research and teaching excellence2004
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