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Here are the stories of the research, people, and programs shaping the future of human enterprise. Join us in the networking power and business insights at Texas McCombs.


  • McCombs Dean Named 2023 Outstanding Accounting Educator

    Passion and dedication distinguish Mills’ service as a professor, researcher, and administrator.
  • High Marks for Texas McCombs MBA Programs

    7 specialties take top 10 in U.S. News & World Report ranking.
  • New McCombs Award Honors Herb Miller

    Professional Faculty Impact Award recognizes exceptional contributions of teaching, service, and mentorship.
  • MBA Students Lead Global Sustainability Summit

    Students from 26 peer schools met to track environmental concerns and potential solutions at an annual conference hosted this year at Texas McCombs.
  • A $1 Million Boost to UT’s Venture Culture

    San Antonio entrepreneur and investor Billy Freed and family donate to support students’ business efforts at Texas McCombs.
  • Texas McCombs at SXSW 2023

    Members of our business school community were speakers, mentors, judges, and moderators at this year’s edition of the megafestival.

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  • Harder Work Pays Off for Promotions

    Managers prefer to promote hard workers — even if outside candidates are more qualified.
  • Investors Miss Out When Tax Deals Are Concealed

    Companies that get non-income tax breaks from state and local governments have higher sales and stock returns.
  • You May Be Guilting Yourself Short in Salary Negotiations

    Job seekers in the era of ‘social impact framing’ are afraid to ask for higher pay.
  • Experts Identify 5 Ways to Address Texas’ Housing Affordability Crisis

    Texas ranks 49th in the nation on state spending for housing.
  • Mills Tax Haven

    How AI Can Reveal Corporate Tax Avoidance

    By applying natural language processing to annual reports, researchers found clues to corporate tax avoidance strategies.
  • Destabilizing Effect

    Acquisitions Can Nix Existing Partnerships

    When one company buys another, alliances sometimes become collateral damage.


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