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Department: FinanceGlobal Sustainability Leadership Institute

Additional Titles: Charles E. & Sarah M. Seay Regents’ Chair in Finance
Co-Executive Director, Social Innovation Initiative@McCombs

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GSB 5.167

Biography Laura T. Starks, Charles E. and Sarah M. Seay Regents Chair in Finance and co-Executive Director of Social Innovation Initiative at McCombs. She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on environmental, social and governance investing, philanthropy, global financial strategies, and other finance topics. She has previously served as interim Dean, Associate Dean for Research, Chairman of the Department of Finance and Graduate Advisor. She was also Editor of the Review of Financial Studies from 2008-2014 and has won a number of research and teaching awards in her career. Her current research focuses on mutual funds, corporate governance institutional investors, molecular genetics and stock market participation, climate risk and environmental, social and governance investing. She has served on the Boards of Directors of the four national academic finance organizations: the American Finance Association, the Financial Management Association (FMA), the Society of Financial Studies (SFS) and the Western Finance Association (WFA). She is past president of the FMA, WFA and SFS and is currently President-Elect for the AFA. She is a past Chairman of the Graduate Assembly for the University of Texas at Austin, the elected faculty council that governs the University’s graduate programs, and served on the Executive Committee of the University Faculty Council. She is an independent director for CREF Retirement Accounts and TIAA-CREF Mutual Funds and previously served on the Investment Advisory Committee for the Employees Retirement System of Texas, the Board of Governors of the Investment Company Institute, and the Governing Council of the Independent Directors Council. She has also served on the 2013 Strategy Council and the 2014 Expert Panel for the Norwegian Government Pension Fund (the largest sovereign wealth fund in the world).
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Academic Leadership and Awards
Professional Awards
Kepos Capital Award, Best Paper on Investments at the WFA for "Defined Contribution Plans: Sticky or Discerning?"2014
S&P Dow Jones Indices' SPIVA Awards Second Prize for "The Mutual Fund Industry Worldwide...."2014
Eyes of Texas Award for Service to The University of Texas at Austin2012
Alpha Kappa Psi Best Professor Award2012
China International Conference in Finance TCW Best Paper Award for “Advertising and Mutual Funds..."2010
Midwest Finance Association Distinguished Scholar Award2010
MBA Applause Award, selected by MBA students as an outstanding professor 2008
Eastern Finance Association Distinguished Scholar Award2007
Southern Finance Association Distinguished Scholar Award2005
Journal of Financial Economics Fama-DFA Second Prize2004
Journal of Financial Research Outstanding Article Award2001
Financial Management Association Meetings Award for Best Paper in Corporate Finance1998
Western Finance Association Award for Best Paper in Corporate Finance Award1997
Smith Breeden Distinguished Paper Award, Journal of Finance1996
Fellow, Financial Management Association
FMA European Meetings Best Paper Award 2003, 2004
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