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The Texas McCombs doctoral program in Marketing is made up of some of the most well-published and recognized faculty in the field, with a breadth of expertise in the cutting-edge examination of marketing topics.

A unique strength of the department is the breadth of its expertise in all areas of marketing including consumer behavior, marketing strategy and quantitative modeling. Our faculty and students bring rigorous training and backgrounds in business, economics, psychology, statistics, management science, information and data technology to bear in their cutting-edge examination of marketing topics.

The extraordinary business and economic growth around the globe has ushered in the most exciting times in our Marketing Department, with many of our students starting their careers at the world’s leading research institutions. The primary goal of the program is to develop students into skilled researchers and future leaders in academia by creating and disseminating marketing knowledge that reshapes the marketplace.

Texas McCombs is committed to delivering the highest quality of doctoral education. We offer small seminar classes and mentoring by world-class faculty. Our program is highly selective and our faculty devote considerable time to each student. Our philosophy is an apprenticeship system where our Ph.D. students receive hands-on training from the award-winning faculty.

The demand for skilled educators is strong, and doctoral graduates in marketing from The University of Texas at Austin have enjoyed considerable placement success over the years.

If you aspire to a career as a decisions science, information systems, operations management or statistics educator and researcher, a doctoral degree from the Texas McCombs Department of Marketing will give you the foundation needed for success.

Exclamation point inside a word bubbleOur application deadline for Marketing is December 15th.

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Areas of Specialization

The doctoral program in Marketing provides an opportunity for specialized study in one or more of the following areas:

Consumer Behavior

Research focuses on issues related to the acquisition and retention of consumers, and consumers' consumption of goods, services, ideas, and experiences. The research both relies on, and contributes to, theory in marketing, psychology, sociology, and economics, and has practical relevance, answering questions that inform and improve marketing and public policy decisions, as well as individual-level consumer well-being.

Marketing Strategy

Research focuses on issues related to firms’ strategies and behaviors, including issues such as innovation management, sales force management, distribution channels, market entry strategy, technology strategy, new venture marketing, customer relationship management, and marketing metrics. The research spotlights substantive real-world problems and generally, the insights from marketing strategy research have direct and actionable implications for marketing practice.

Quantitative Marketing

Research focuses on developing theoretical models and empirical methods for applied marketing problems, drawing from economic theory, statistics, econometrics, and computer science to uncover novel insights, challenge existing theory and advance marketing practice. The research combines computational advances, fruitful collaborations with industry and explosive growth in data availability; combined with strong student demand for analytical training portend a fulfilling academic career for those interested in quantitative marketing.

Research Methodologies

A wide variety of research designs are used and a mastery of both quantitative and qualitative data analysis techniques is essential.

Preparation and Qualifications

The Texas McCombs Marketing doctoral program assumes that students have a taken advanced courses to establish a reasonable mathematical, statistics and economics background. Adequate computer programming skills are necessary in coursework.

Prospective applicants are required to hold a four-year bachelor’s degree (does not require a formal degree in the area of study) or equivalent prior to starting the program.

There are no additional prerequisites or requirements for the Marketing department.

See Admissions for further information.


We prepare you to become an intellectual leader. The primary goal of the Texas McCombs Ph.D. program is to prepare students for exceptional academic careers. McCombs Marketing Ph.D. alumni have gone on to excel at: 

Güneş Biliciler 
2021 Koç University
Chandra Srivastava 2019 St. Edward’s University
Xinying Hao 2019 University of Arizona at Tucson
Nandini Ramani 2019 Texas A&M University
Jerry Jisang Han 2018 University of Technology, Sydney
Hyunjung Crystal Lee 2017 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Zhuping Liu 2016 Baruch College, City University of New York
Niket Jindal 2015 Kelley School of Business, Indiana University
Richard Schaefer 2015 Rutgers University
Szu-chi Huang 2013 Stanford University



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