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Marketing Certificate

Learn new ways to engage with the market and measure performance

  • Certificate Overview

    The Marketing Certificate program is designed to advance your understanding of marketing theory and practices, strategic planning and management, and market research. Stay competitive with flexible classes that expand your knowledge of marketing as it relates to business performance as a whole.


  • Develop a thorough understanding of the concepts behind marketing strategy
  • Acquire a foundation for building internally consistent marketing campaigns
  • Learn how to market effectively in a dynamic, competitive environment
  • Examine what your market really wants—instead of what it’s telling you
  • Learn how to launch the right products the right way


Certificate Requirements

General Requirements

  • 5 credits are required to complete the certificate
    • 2-day and 3-day classes = 1 credit; 5-day class = 2 credits
  • Participants must take both core classes, as well as any 3 additional Elective credits from the catalog
  • Classes may be taken in any order, and participants have three years to complete the requirements
  • All two- through five-day courses in the catalog may be used to fulfill the requirements of this certificate


Core Courses

Both of the Core Courses are required for this certificate.


How To Enroll

This program does not require a separate registration. Every time you complete one of our courses, you'll earn credits towards one or more certificate. When you've earned enough credits you will automatically be awarded the appropriate certificate. You can always check your progress on our online participant portal.

Opportunity to Refresh, Reboot
As my professional landscape evolves, it's important that I remain relevant as well. This program offers continuous learning with relevant scenarios that are applicable to my everyday professional environment.
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Designed For

This certificate is appropriate for a variety of professionals across verticals. Whether you work for a global corporation or a small business, we can help.


  • Rising marketing professionals wanting to increase their skills.
  • Marketing managers and directors looking to move up a level
  • Executives who want to become better leaders of their marketing organization
  • Executives who aren’t "digital natives" and want to obtain a better understanding of digital marketing


  • Reimbursement Options

    Learn more about course credits and options for course reimbursement. Get tips on the best way to approach your manager and download a customizable template to facilitate making the ask.


  • Image of a brain and lights.

    How AI and Machine Learning Transform Business

    Why are artificial intelligence and machine learning such game-changers? Learn how these technologies are being integrated into everyday business processes.
  • People collaborating at an office table.

    Two Thinking Caps: Divergent & Convergent Thought

    Use these thought techniques with your team as part of the creative process to generate more ideas and find optimal solutions to problems.
  • Working and Leading While Dispersed: What Matters Most

    Remote teams have quickly become the way forward for many organizations. It's essential to learn the skills you need to nurture a healthy virtual team culture.

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