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Why does the McCombs School of Business need my support?

Private philanthropy closes the funding gap not covered by tuition, fees and declining state appropriations. State funding previously provided 47 percent of the university's budget. Today that number is 11 percent and declining. Your gift is an investment in excellence and directly impacts our business school community through services, programs, experiences and more!


How do we compare to other top business schools?

The McCombs School is highly ranked in almost every aspect. Yet, we continue to compete for top students and faculty as we aim to becoming the most impactful business school in the nation. Philanthropic support provides the necessary resources above and beyond current state funding and tuition income.


Why is unrestricted giving important?

Unrestricted funds provide the most flexible source of income to capitalize on new opportunities and initiatives that we might otherwise be unable to pursue. Additionally, they help the dean maintain the quality and performance of our faculty, our programs and, our students.

Do employers match gifts to the McCombs School?

Many companies match their employees’ charitable gifts dollar-for-dollar or more. Visit to see if your company offers a matching gift program or contact your HR representative for more information on your company’s policy.  Employer matching gifts are counted toward your cumulative total.


Are gifts tax-deductible?

Yes. All gifts to the McCombs School of tax deductible to the full extent of the law.


Where can I obtain information on how to make gifts and accepted forms of payment?

Please see the McCombs Giving Page for information on making gifts and accepted forms of payment.