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Four business casual students give hook em horns

McCombs Scholars Program

The McCombs School of Business has long awarded scholarships to help students who have demonstrated excellence at the college level.

About the McCombs Scholars Program

To be competitive in recruiting, enrolling and graduating talented students, we must make it possible for high-performing students, regardless of family income, to attend UT.  To recruit and retain these students, we will aggressively expand our scholarship packages for high-potential students in Texas and across the nation.


As with much of The University of Texas, admission to the McCombs School of Business is competitive, highly-selective and primarily accessed by Texas residents.  Recruiting scholarships would allow Texas McCombs to compete with Ivy League schools and increase enrollment of more talented Texas-based and out-of-state undergraduate students to the university, providing well-deserved credibility across the nation for its programs.


The McCombs Scholars program was created to assist the Texas McCombs BBA office in reaching our strategic recruitment goals. The scholarship program consists of:


Forty Acres Scholarship: $850,000+

  • Administered by the Texas Exes Alumni Association, this scholarship provides funding for tuition and fees, housing and food, living stipend, books, summer enrichment activities, including a service-learning experience, study abroad, and internships tailored for each individual student.
  • These scholarships are awarded to students who possess extraordinary intellectual qualities and the capacity to motivate and lead fellow students


McCombs Endowed President's Level Scholarship: $300,000+

  • Administered by the McCombs School’s BBA Program Office, this scholarship currently provides full tuition each year for four years.
  • This award has historically been awarded to Canfield Business Honors and freshman admits.


McCombs Endowed Dean's Scholarship: $125,000+

  • Administered by the McCombs School’s BBA Program Office, this scholarship current provides awards of $6,000 a year for four years.
  • This scholarship is typically awarded to high-deserving, excellent BBA students we seek to attract to McCombs and also take the following factors into consideration: likely competition, financial need, first generation, four-year graduation rate and/or McCombs summer camp attendance.  

William O. Acheampong“As a McCombs Scholars Program scholarship recipient, I speak from experience when I say that gifts like these made my college decision easier. My scholarship helps me focus on what matters most during my time on the Forty Acres. Because of you, I can proudly say I will receive an education from one of the top business schools in the nation. Hook ‘em Horns!”


William O. Acheampong

2019 John L. Adams Scholar of the Year

McCombs Scholars Program President’s Level Scholarship Recipient

Canfield Business Honors, Humanities Honors, 2021