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Longhorns, we applaud you as you approach the end of your academic program at the McCombs School of Business and The University of Texas at Austin. We’re immensely proud of what you have achieved during your time here, and we’re ready to celebrate your hard work. Come and bring your family and friends for a special day. Read on to learn what to expect and how to participate, RSVP, order regalia, and more. Hook ’em!

Saturday, December 4, 2021
Time & Location: Rowling Hall Auditorium

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Graduation Help

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The Graduation Help Desk consolidates all the tools available to help students stay on track to graduate and offers students assistance enrolling in classes required to fulfill their degree requirements. Graduation Help Desk staff work with students, advisors, and faculty to resolve roadblocks to timely graduation.

Resources to assist with graduation

Event Information

Important Dates and Deadlines

October 28
Last day to apply for an undergraduate degree

November 5
BBA & MPA RSVP – Program Deadline
(Names cannot be added to the event program after this date)

November 12
Last day to apply for graduate degree

November 12
Masters regalia co-op purchase deadline

November 12
BBA co-op purchase deadline

December 4
BBA & MPA Commencement

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Program Details

This December, the McCombs Commencement will be celebrated with Graduate Recognition Moments for BBA and MPA graduates. The Graduate Recognition Moments will be held at Robert B. Rowling Hall and consist of a guided path that graduates and their guests will follow to enter the event space. During this ceremonial moment, degree candidates’ names are called as they walk across the stage, receive a letter of congratulations from the dean, and take a professional graduation photo.

For those who wish to defer and walk in the May 2022 ceremony, please be sure to complete the form illustrated on the RSVP portal on Grad Manager.

BBA Details >

BBA Details

BBA Guest Information

Guests do not have to RSVP and there will not be a guest limit. Guests of graduates will NOT need tickets or to RSVP or Register.

Graduation Process

  1. Certification is how UT awards your degree. If you don't go through this process, you're not considered a graduate of McCombs and UT Austin. Your audit will need to be at 100% before we can certify you, but if you plan on being at 100% by the end of the current semester, you can apply for certification.
    Deadline: October 28, 2021
  2. Commencement is the graduation ceremony. Sometimes referred to as "walking the stage," this is the celebration of your accomplishments with caps and gowns and family and friends. You can walk even if you're not being certified but will need to make sure to RSVP.
    Deadline: TBD (if deadline is missed, you will not be in the commencement program)

Apply here to be both certified and participate in commencement.

Special Services

Accommodations for the needs of graduates with disabilities at all commencement events are available. Please contact at least five business days prior to the event.

MPA Details

MPA Guest Information

RSVPing and tickets are not necessary and there is no guest limit. For more information contact your Program Coordinator at


MPA graduates will be contacted via email and the MPA blog as more information becomes available.

Special Services

Accommodations for the needs of graduates with disabilities at all commencement events are available. Please contact and notify at least five business days prior to the event.

Academic Dress/Regalia

Academic Dress/Regalia

  • Traditional academic regalia is required for all degree candidates. Watch here on how to wear the regalia.
  • Students should wear business attire underneath their gowns. Candidates wearing anything other than the approved academic regalia will be asked to leave.
  • A regalia package is available for purchase from the University Co-op (graduation department in the basement), and cannot be rented through the Co-op.
  • Select “Business” when ordering tassel / stole or hood. If you borrow regalia, make sure that you have the correct color.
  • MPA students earning both their BBA and MPA degrees concurrently only need to buy this one outfit, which they can wear to the BBA ceremony.
  • The tassel is worn on the right before the degree is conferred.
  • Do not bring any personal items such as purses, backpacks, or coats.
  • Be mindful of the swift pace at which names are read; please be respectful of the audience as you walk across the stage once your name is read.
  • Be careful in choosing shoes to wear, as the ramps to and from the stage can be slick and are rather steep. It is recommended that high heels not be worn. No flip flops.

Graduation In-Absentia

Graduation In-Absentia

Graduation in-absentia refers to graduation during a semester when a student is not enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin. McCombs policy requires that students must have COMPLETED ALL degree requirements by the deadline date in order to register in-absentia.

Apply to graduate in-absentia via email to Anissa Martinez. It is your responsibility to send an email which includes your UTEID, business major (& minor), current address, current phone number, email address (optional), and a statement requesting to apply to graduate in-absentia for the semester before the deadline date.

After receiving your email, we will review your graduation status and contact you with further instructions and/or the necessary forms to apply. For additional questions email or call (512) 471-0690.

Criteria for Eligibility

  • Must have been in a business major and enrolled in the McCombs School of Business at the time he or she left The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Cannot already have a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from The University of Texas at Austin.
  • Must have completed ALL requirements for graduation by the in absentia deadline.
  • May not be enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin in residence the semester planned for graduation.


Graduation In-Absentia Checklist

Students who meet the above criteria should:

Know the deadline to apply to graduate for the semester in which you plan to graduate. This information is listed every semester in the Academic Calendar. The application period begins after the 12th class day and ends the last class day.

Clear any financial bars on your record. Registration in absentia cannot occur until all have been cleared. Call Student Accounts Receivable at (512) 471-7777 to find out information about your financial bars. You may clear financial bars by accessing UT Direct.

Transfer work is your responsibility to submit any transcripts from other institutions to the Office of Admissions. There are two ways to do this: 1. We suggest that you have the other institution send a transcript directly to UT Austin's Office of Admissions. The transcript can be sent either electronically or through postal mail. 2. Hand deliver the other institution's transcript to the Office of Admissions with a note stating that you are a graduating senior. You must complete either of these at least one month prior to the deadline to apply to graduate AND follow up to make sure that your transcript has been received.
Transfer work must be on your official UT record by the deadline date.

U.T. online Extension work is your responsibility to take the final exam at least two weeks prior to the deadline to apply to graduate. This is necessary to ensure that a final grade is posted by the deadline.

Placement work is your responsibility to take the exam and petition for credit before the deadline to petition for that semester. Contact Student Testing Services at (512) 232-2662 for information about test dates and petition deadlines. You must have placement credit on your UT official record by the deadline to apply to graduate.

Post Ceremony

Post Ceremony


Once all requirements are met by the prescribed deadlines, you will receive graduation information from the Registrar’s Office. It is important to update your local and permanent addresses on the university system. he diploma will be mailed to your permanent address on file with the university. Diplomas will arrive approximately six weeks after the ceremony. For more information regarding diplomas, you can contact or (512) 475-7619.


Tuition Rebate & B-On-Time Loan Forgiveness

Tuition Rebate Program
A graduating senior who is a Texas resident may be eligible for a $1,000 tuition rebate upon graduation if they meet eligibility requirements set by the State of Texas.

The tuition rebate is for undergraduates only. Given the unique nature of the IMPA program and the strict requirements of the tuition rebate program, it is unlikely that IMPA students will qualify for a tuition rebate.

Application Directions

To apply, print and scan the completed required application form into your computer as a PDF and email it to Save your email because it will serve as your receipt. Do not fax or drop off the paper application to us. We will only accept scanned applications attached to your email. Applications are due by 5 p.m. the day before the official date of graduation. For Winter 2021 graduates, the deadline is Friday, May 21, 2021 at 5 p.m.

B-On-Time Loan Forgiveness Program

The Texas B-On-Time Loan program provides low or no-interest loans to eligible Texas students. The loans can be forgiven upon graduation if certain conditions are met.

Application Directions

To apply, print and scan the completed required B-on-Time Loan Forgiveness Eligibility Confirmation Form. Applications are due before graduation. Once you graduate, we will begin processing your form, which may take several weeks


General Property Deposit Form

When you enrolled at UT, you were required to make a $10 General Deposit. The university holds this deposit for 60 days past your graduation. After 60 days you may request a refund from Student Accounts Receivable. Directions are on the linked document.


BBA leadership will be on stage. As graduates cross, their names will be announced. A professional photographer will take the graduation portrait and the moments will be filmed and live-streamed for at-home viewers who cannot attend.

Much like a sit-down ceremony, the flow of graduates crossing the stage will be continuous and brief. Scheduling will be based on student timeslot selection via Eventbrite. Registration for graduate timeslots can be found here.

Yes, you may confirm the name that will be announced the day of the event.

Check your email as our office is emailing students as well to make sure it gets to everyone who has RSVP’d to participate in the GRM. If you still have no information, please reach out to:

Yes, all graduates will need to RSVP. This guarantees that graduates will be included in registration sign up and keepsake program. The deadline is November 5. Graduates cannot participate without an RSVP.

No. Guests do not need tickets or have to RSVP. There will not be a guest limit.

A cap and gown, commonly referred to as "academic regalia," are traditionally worn during Commencement and may be purchased through the University Co-op. The Co-op also offers announcements, invitations, yard signs and other graduation items. You are welcome (and encouraged) to wear a cap and gown. Please note that in order to receive your regalia prior to the Commencement Weekend, orders must be placed by November 12.

Watch this video. Please leave your hood in the bag until the day of graduation. Once you arrive on campus, you'll be able to take the hood out of its bag and put it on as is. You won't need to adjust your hood in any way.

As always, inclement weather could be an issue. The Graduate Recognition Moment activities will continue if it is safe to do so, rain or shine. We will have tents in outdoor spaces where lines may form while graduates wait to enter the building. Please bring an umbrella and other suitable rain gear, if desired.

All plans are being guided by the COVID Investigating Committee and based on current public health guidelines, and have been developed to celebrate the class safely and responsibly. While Commencement plans are within the current health guidelines, they will be evaluated monthly by the COVID Investigating Committee and are subject to change based on changing conditions.

Social distancing will be encouraged throughout the event. Masks are optional inside university buildings and outdoors. For individuals who are not fully vaccinated or have weakened immune systems, masking and social distancing are optional but recommended.

Graduates who are not already vaccinated are strongly encouraged to take advantage of UT’s Proactive Community Testing Program in the days leading up to commencement.

Guests who are not already vaccinated are strongly encouraged to take advantage of free testing through their primary care physician or a community clinic before arriving on campus.

Please visit the Accessibility Information for Guests page for more information and appropriate contacts. A map detailing Accessibility Services can be found here.

Please visit the Security page for restrictions on prohibited items and bag sizes.

A professional photographer will be present. Photo can be ordered from Flash Photography.
Candidates will have the option of purchasing photographs.

View available UT parking lots and garages. You may also print a map of campus Visitor Parking areas.

Recommended Campus Parking

  1. Brazos Garage
  2. Rowling Garage

Paid Parking Options

  1. Dobie/2005 Whitis Garage
  2. Bullock Museum

Celebrate your Graduate

Congratulations Stephanie, class of 2020 yard sign

Personalized invitations, yard signs and souvenirs are available for purchase in the UT Co-op (graduation department in the basement). Order here.