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Financial Strategies for Value Creation

UT Campus | 8am - 4:30pm | $4,450


    Understanding the numbers only gets you so far; it’s how you apply information that matters. Recognize how value is created in your firm. Evaluate opportunities and assess competition based on robust financial analysis. Work through a systematic approach for analyzing financial statements and their impact on profitability. Implement what you have learned in a comprehensive, hands-on simulation.



There are no sessions scheduled at this time. For more information about the next class date, please contact us at or 512-471-5893.

What You'll Learn

Examine and Understand Financial Statements

  • Examine and understand specific financial statements from your company
  • Apply skills in an active, hands-on simulation
  • Experience a real-world scenario and test outcomes of various decisions


Develop Informed Financial Perspective on Business Operations

  • Analyze the key drivers of Return On Equity (ROE)
  • Build practical skills to evaluate your organization’s current and future financial performance
  • Examine the effects of operating and financial strategies on the financial performance of your firm


Attending this Course

  • Individuals

    This course is appropriate for executives and high-level managers with budget authority, professionals responsible for financial and P&L decision making, and individuals who seek deeper understanding of financial concepts and how they relate to business operations as a whole.
  • Teams

    Organizations often send pairs or small teams, to support the launch of new initiatives.
  • Requirements & Credit

    There are no prerequisites for this course. Participants earn 2.1 CEUs and/or 21 CPEs for this course, as well as a certificate of completion. Our classes are available for university credit. Please contact us for more information.
Thought Provoking
Absolutely loved this class! It was very thought provoking and intellectually stimulating.


  • Brian Lendecky
    Brian Lendecky Headshot
    Brian Lendecky

    Senior Lecturer, Accounting

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  • James (Jim) Nolen
    Jim Nolen headshot
    James (Jim) Nolen

    Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Finance

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Demonstrate Your Expertise with a Certificate

  • Reimbursement Options

    Learn more about course credits and options for course reimbursement. Get tips on the best way to approach your manager and download a customizable template to facilitate making the ask.
  • Course Location

    In person courses take place at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center and adjoining Rowling Hall on the UT campus in Austin. These world-class facilities provide a comfortable and convenient learning environment, with direct access to the 40 acres of campus and within walking distance of downtown Austin. Live online and on-demand course options are available for many courses.
Financial metrics on a screen
  • Making Sense of Financial Metrics

    Simple approaches can determine how much value a firm is creating by looking at its financial statements.

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