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  • Marketing & Sales Courses

    Marketing and sales classes offer insight into strategies and practices applicable to multiple departments across organizations. Hone your marketing or sales tactics with classes that deepen your understanding of the impact of marketing and sales on business operations.
Case Studies Provide Real-World Application
The case studies build on each other and provided me with what I found to be real-world application in a class-room setting, with the opportunity for me to learn from mistakes and try new approaches on the next negotiation.
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Driving Business Success with Digital Marketing

Dramatic changes in the use of media and technology over the past few years, has fundamentally changed the entire approach to marketing.

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Marketing Analytics

Companies are more data rich than ever before; creating an imperative for you to analyze and understand that data to drive organizational growth.

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Driving Sales Success: Strategy and Management

In this hands-on program, improve your ability to optimize sales outcomes by developing and managing a high-performance sales force to effectively carry out your sales strategy.

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