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Beverly Hadaway

Associate Professor Emeritus

Department:     Finance

Additional Titles:     Associate Chair, Finance Department Director, EDS Financial Trading and Technology Center

Industry Areas:     Financial Institutions

Research Areas:     Agency Theory, Capital Structure, Corporate Governance, Finance - Corporate, Macro-Environmental Analysis

Beverly Hadaway headshot

Beverly Hadaway, Associate Professor Emeritus

Beverly Hadaway received her B.B.A. from North Texas State University and her M.A. and Ph.D. from the University of Alabama. Her research interests include capital structure, agency theory, and corporate governance issues. Her teaching interests include corporate finance and macro-environmental analysis.



Professional Awards

AIM Investment Center Research Award





Dean's Grant for Academic Development



Dean's Grant for Academic Development



Project Quest Grant



Teaching Awards

Alpha Kappa Psi Best Professor



Texas Blazers Faculty Appreciation Award



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