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Robert Carroll

MBA+ Communication Coach

Department:     Other

Additional Titles:     Assistant Professor of Instruction in UT’s Department of Communication Studies

Robert Carroll

Robert Carroll is an assistant professor of instruction in the Department of Communication Studies at The University of Texas at Austin. Carroll serves as an MBA+ communication coach. For more than a decade, he has coached, advised, and educated college students and executive clients across the U.S. Carroll was a program adviser at Temple University in Philadelphia and an academic adviser at the University of Kansas. He is also an associate speaker coach for an international consulting firm.

Carroll’s research focuses on family, health, and diversity issues. Specifically, he is interested in how family dynamics shape our identities and the stories we tell. His dissertation explored LGBT+ coming out narratives, and he has also published work in the journal Communication Education.

He received a Ph.D. in interpersonal communication from The University of Texas at Austin. At the University of Missouri, Carroll earned a B.A. in communication and an M.A. in higher education.