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Robert Prentice


Department:     Business, Government & Society

Industry Areas:     Business Law

Research Areas:     Accounting Regulation and Liability, Business Ethics, Business Law, Securities Law

Robert Prentice

Robert Prentice is a professor of business law and business ethics in the Business, Government & Society Department.

His research focuses on various aspects of business law, particularly securities regulation, and upon business ethics, with a special focus on the psychology of moral decision making.

He is a contributor to the Ethics Unwrapped Video Series and Educational Program in the Center for Leadership & Ethics at McCombs.

He has received from his discipline’s professional organization, the Academy of Legal Studies in Business, both the early career award (1984) and the lifetime achievement award (2015). He has published more than 70 journal articles and has received more than 60 teaching awards. He is an inaugural member of both the University of Texas at Austin’s and the UT System’s Academies of Distinguished Teachers.

His research has appeared in leading legal journals, including the Northwestern University Law Review, the Georgetown Law Review, the Cornell Law Review, the Duke Law Journal, the Business Ethics Quarterly, and the American Business Law Review.





Texas Board of Regents Teaching Excellence Award



Eyes of Texas Award, Spring



McCombs Excellence in Education Award



McCombs Undergraduate Faculty Excellence Award



Named a “Favored Professor” by Order of Omega Honor Society



MBA Elective Faculty Honor Role, 2001, 2002



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