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Full Width Article content type details

ID: 413
Name: Full Width Article
Description: Adds the full width image with billboard content box to a page

Content element details

NameThe Name Element80 CharactersPlain TextYes
Background ImageSelect an image from media library80 KilobytesMediaYes
IconSelect the icon from the list80 CharactersSelect BoxNo
Vertical TitleEnter the vertical title on the image120 CharactersPlain TextNo
Card TitleEnter the billboard card title120 CharactersPlain TextYes
Card PositionSelect the position of the card left/right to vertical title80 CharactersSelect BoxYes
Card CTA TextEnter the text for the link30 CharactersPlain TextNo
Card CTA link (internal)Select a section/content for an internal link80 CharactersSection/Content LinkNo
Card CTA link (external)Only enter this if you are NOT entering an internal link200 CharactersPlain TextNo


A large, full width promo with a large background image and a billboard box. The billboard box can be aligned left or right.  There is the option to add an icon and call to action link to the billboard box. The call to action can can either be output as a text link with an arrow or a button by selecting either the 'Show CTA as a Link' or 'Show CTA as a button' checkboxes. 

An optional vertical title can be added which is displayed on the opposite side to the billboard with large angled arrow.


Austin is No.1 Place for Startups and Entrepreneurs

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Austin is No.1 Place for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Austin is No.1 Place for Startups and Entrepreneurs